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Example sentences for dynamism

Americans have always been known for their manic dynamism.
The emerging world, by contrast, will be a whirling hub of dynamism and creativity.
The dynamism and the sheer size of the market creates all sorts of opportunities for anyone with any initiative.
In almost every category, the results demonstrated the city's diversity and dynamism.
There are also signs that the dynamism of fast-growing areas feeds off itself.
Myth manages to infuse real-time strategy gaming with the visual dynamism of an epic war film.
It has shared shockingly little of its economic dynamism and new-found prosperity with those around it.
His name is a byword for economic dynamism and entrepreneurial flair.
But he has undoubtedly injected new dynamism into the team.
The car industry will exemplify the dynamism of the internal market.
Entrepreneurialism promotes individual creativity as well as economic dynamism.
Three things, however, could frustrate this dynamism.
Their presence in a city may cause problems, but their departure suggests that a place is losing some of its economic dynamism.
The city's image will live and die by the dynamism of the city's people, culture, history etc.
In the past that was more a reflection of the state's failure than the dynamism of entrepreneurs, but this is changing fast.
The faith is the molten core of the country's dynamism.
Southern regions outside the capital have gained from its dynamism.
He will be remembered for dynamism and for his clinical skills.
Economic dynamism has a crucial bottom-up component, but bottom up development would obviously threaten established interests.
All this will restore stability to the economy, but without any dynamism.
To summarise: it's often unwise to cite a few misleading data points in defence of a sweeping argument about economic dynamism.
The fast-speed train network will inject a new dynamism into the tremendous social change there.
The words meld into its crags, their meanings eclipsed by the poster's dynamism.
But billions of years ago the moon may have been a place of far more dynamism-literally.
In one violent gesture, the pratfall condensed the culture's dynamism and panic.
He has a natural gift for arranging images for maximum dynamism and variety, while never fatiguing the audience's eye.
He has adopted this perspective in studying unemployment and inclusion, economic growth, business swings and economic dynamism.
Indeed, their dynamism is spreading ever farther inland.
Our book merely reclaims cities as places of efficiency, productivity, dynamism and as drivers of social improvement.
The world economic dynamism has changed in the last one or two decades in an incredible fashion.
We must start from scratch, embracing an idea of progress that is based on innovation, ambition and dynamism.
The region's waning dynamism is raising alarms in other corners.
There are many signs of the dynamism of the e-health environment, as demonstrated in the following examples.
Essentially, the current condition in these situations includes some unacceptable level of dynamism in the bank.
The goal of the project is to reduce this dynamism to some acceptable amount.

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