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We need to start measuring how well we teach, rather than worrying about dying institutions.
Hubble probes the complex history of a dying star .
And birds were dying all over the place, including now at the zoo.
There is living and dying, and we are not one or the other, but both.
He worked on the statue for 34 years before dying in 1982.
Write as if you were dying.
And in the end, it's never saved a single person from actually dying.
Lacking cohesion and focus, this off-putting but energetically told story chronicles the chaotic final thoughts of a dying man.
If you find out how venom is used you can stop somebody from dying.
But talking about dying is hard work, too.
The nebula's unique shape comes from gas and dust emitted in cone-shaped bursts from the dying star at its center.
Many giant squid have washed up on beaches or have been found dead or dying in fishing nets.
Hurricanes may actually provide a healing balm of sorts for dying coral reefs, a new study shows.
And although reports of serious human injury are rare, there are records of people dying from the creature's noxious sting.
These nebulae, which are not technically related to planets, are gas clouds forced outward by a dying star.
The children taking their seats would represent the dying out oak trees in your area.
Pollution and a diet containing food additives have contributed to about half the old tigers dying of cancers.
Dying algae in turn feed bacteria, which consume so much dissolved oxygen that fish and plants cannot survive.
The layers were ejected into interstellar space during the star's dying throes.
These dying stars can become hundreds to thousands of times the size of our sun.
Perhaps the shriek of a dying animal enticed the dinosaur into the trap.
First, it's exceedingly hot and humid, and people who enter without special cooling suits risk dying of heatstroke.
So many malls have died or are dying that a new hobby has appeared: amateur shopping-mall history.
For the dying, dignity and comfort often means prescribing powerful drugs.
Meanwhile, water supplies are drying up and crops are dying.
If taken from the beaches before laying their eggs, they would last only a matter of weeks before dying.
The donut of material confines the intense radiation coming from the remnant of the dying star.
Not that he was dead, but that he was capable of dying.
Last year, people started reporting dead or dying specimens.
At first, the population plunge baffled scientists, who thought the animals were dying from disease.
Around it the sky was dark, where the bacteria were dying.
These guys were heroes and their stories had not been told and they were old and they were dying.
These tiny fig wasps work their way inside the fruit and pollinate it, laying their eggs inside and then dying inside.
It is this particular form of dying that has made them useful animal models for our own heart disease.
But now it seemed as if people were fighting and dying their way down to the bottom of the food chain.
Lately, the engine has been dying mysteriously after two or three hours.
Within a month the troops were eating their horses, dogs and moccasins, dying by the scores from exposure and disease.
Patients do not want to hear that they are dying and doctors do not want to tell them.
Before dying, ants anchor themselves to the leaf, clamping their jaws on the edge or a vein on the underside.
He is dying of pancreatic cancer, and he knows it is a painful way to go.
Even after a cliché starts dying, there's a strategy for making it acceptable: the old switcheroo.
Your chances of success would be small and your chances of dying of boredom would great.
Creativity is dying in students because more and more students are not being encouraged to learn via the arts.
The idea of growing old and dying at this school throws me into a deep dark place.
The latter are a dying breed because of their impact of accreditation.
The father's dying words go to the heart of the matter.
She hardly remembers the dog itself, let alone the experience of him dying.
People have died and are dying to protect your right to vote.
Now the golden goose is dying and the future of tenure is certain, it has none.
Otherwise, you will be miserable and may end up dying from extreme frustration and stress.
The attic was covered in pigeon feces and mites and pigeons were getting stuck and dying inside the walls of the house.
Coral reefs are dying off at record rates, thanks to pollution, disease and global warming.
Serving in a war carries with it the possibility of being wounded or dying in combat.
Chances are you'd be dying to know about that delectable tidbit of gossip offered by a confidant.
After a dying star consumes its last bit of hydrogen, it begins burning heavier elements at higher temperatures.
Simulations indicate that the key may be a wobbling shock wave that accompanies the explosion of a dying star.
The tooth sockets had been resorbed into the skull, suggesting that he had lost the teeth several years before dying.
On the one hand are the heartrending emotional pleas of dying patients who are eager to try unproved experimental drugs.
Such dying stars have plenty of debris around them, resulting in a bright afterglow.
The only clue to the mysterious phenom was a white, powdery organism on the muzzles, ears and wings of the dead and dying bats.
And then, there will be reefs dying and yet other pristine reefs that arent.
Describes how the photographer was constantly attempting to capture the departing soul of a dying soldier on a negative.
Tells about his suicide, and about a dying patient on writer's ward.
At times, the lovers seem to be fighting not only against a malignant fate but against the dying of the light.
The experience, with the metabolic changes it sets off, is a simulacrum of dying.
But it was his best chance of dying peacefully, in his own bed, and being able to say goodbye to his loved ones.
People are dying and our leaders are sniping at each other.
Eliminating dying cells keeps a mouse healthy, wealthy, and wise.
The test seems so beside the point when you have someone right next to you dying.
The only place with such abundant helium is the neighborhood of dying red giant stars.
And, yes indeed, people stopped dying at the same rates they used to be dying.
Aging, dying, and letting the next generation take over have always been part of the fundamental human condition.
It's already dying down, but you never know: there may be some activity tonight.
There are three basic stages that take a cow's hide from the cow to your sofa: tanning, dying and finishing.
She told her sister she'd been depressed, she'd thought about dying, but she was fine now.
With the dying wiggle of the final snake dance, football becomes largely a matter of theoretical bitterness.
Nineteenth-century vice presidents had an annoying habit of dying in office.
Getting each character's hair coloring exactly right required specific, individual dying times.
And we're all dying to find out what goes on in this little triangle here.
As far as the world economy is concerned, they might as well not have been born, and might as well hurry up about dying.
The tech features are top-tier and easy to use without dying.
They never have to fear any illness, and they don't have to worry about dying.
Quickly, it was determined they had been poisoned, and were dying.

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