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The triton presently sunk, dyeing the water with his purple blood, and was no more seen.
Experts are even recommending drinking a litre of water after dyeing in order to dilute any peroxide absorbed through the skin.
Around this time, he introduced some new techniques for dyeing cloth.
But so far such a printing process is slow, expensive, and not as durable as dyeing.
Communities visited specialize in a number of textile arts, including silk felt manufacture and batik dyeing.
Artisans dip the stamps into wax and apply them to the fabric before dyeing.
Ikat is an ancient dyeing technique in which the warp threads of a handwoven fabric are tied and dyed before the piece is woven.
Dipping a shirt in soda ash prior to dyeing helps retain the color.
Be sure to refrigerate eggs you plan to dye as much as possible between cooking, cooling, dyeing and hiding.
While establishing his reputation he supported himself by running a cleaning and dyeing establishment.
Textile bleaching and dyeing machine operators and tenders control machines that wash, bleach, and dye yarn or finished fabrics.
Batch dyeing remains popular due to its flexibility, short-run capability, and ease of control.
Factory condition traps need to be cleaned and processed before dyeing.
Before dyeing, fabrics must be treated with a mordant to set the dye.

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