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But after the first couple of years, production tends to drop off precipitously, and the royalty checks will dwindle.
Tuition will increase across all higher-education sectors and state-financed student aid will continue to dwindle or remain flat.
The expedition's food supplies soon began to dwindle.
As food supplies dwindle populations sustained by aid will have to fend for themselves.
When blood supplies dwindle a solution must be found.
As gifts to colleges are beginning to dwindle every penny that can be collected counts.
At the same time stocks of older products dwindle putting upward pressure on the price.
Most fish move in and out of the areas as water sources dwindle.
Eventually the telomeres dwindle to the point where the cell can no longer replicate.
In several countries taxes will rise and public services will dwindle.
Household utilities are becoming more costly as subsidies dwindle.
Morale started to dwindle when the upper leads fizzled into rabbit holes.
They prove wonderfully effective at first, only to dwindle into uselessness.
Many reptiles and insects have also become threatened as their habitats dwindle.
The possibility that tax receipts will dwindle is not lost on the number-crunchers.
Over the years therefore the harvest appeared to dwindle in dollar terms, and his debts grew.
The number of workers building up pension rights will dwindle and pensioners die off.
In the short run this provides calm, but in the long run, it makes democracy hopes dwindle.
Once the tribunal gives its final ruling, his support may dwindle.
Another reason to step up the pace of reform is that the flood of taxpayers' money will shortly dwindle to a trickle.
But as the wayward decisions mount up, his support is starting to dwindle.
As your means to repay dwindle your debt actually grows.
Although the dial-up business still generates a mountain of cash, that is likely to dwindle.
The number of holdouts to digital music continues to dwindle.
It is true, sometimes, that your candidacy may dwindle to being in queue in case someone else doesn't work out or declines.
Whether an idea arises uniquely or reappears many times, it may thrive in the meme pool or it may dwindle and vanish.
In addition, avenues for highlighting the benefits of our collective work for other disciplines will dwindle.
Nor will she dwindle into marriage without an exaction at every step.
Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions.
As the gold supply began to dwindle, new methods evolved for recovery.
Lacking any incentive to innovate, churches atrophy, and their congregations dwindle.
Rather than reproduce, they simply linger while ice ages rush by and mountains dwindle.
As water supplies dwindle, conserving existing sources is increasingly important.
The blackboard's daily offerings dwindle by the hour because there are plenty of diners but no refrigerator for storing food.
Food supplies and natural resources dwindle, and clean water rationing is a part of everyday life.
Overall, money is related to happiness, but its effects start to dwindle.
The boost from firms rebuilding their inventories after running them down in the recession will dwindle.
On shorter routes, their advantages dwindle: they can neither transform a region nor replicate the advantages of wider networks.
Over time, stocks of the common resource will dwindle.
Successive governments have let power generation dwindle, yet none has let private contractors act instead.
Thus living expenses and production costs become excessive and the demand for both consumer goods and living space dwindle.
Houses of worship are adaptable to residential and other uses as congregations dwindle.
Bugs disappear, steamy hot weather cools, crowds dwindle.
The number of first-round holdouts continues to dwindle.
Once-plentiful date trees dwindle in agricultural crisis.
Fissure eruptions typically dwindle to a central vent after a period of hours or days.
As water supplies dwindle, cities and citizens must continually find ways to be more efficient water consumers.
As high-grade ore reserves dwindle, these percentages are likely to become even smaller.
Populations continue to increase while water supplies dwindle.
Tourists, they reasoned, would rather zip across on the new bridge and ferry traffic would dwindle and die.
The rolls continue to dwindle as these indentured workers are sold to others.
As water resources dwindle with persistent drought, water quality characteristics often decline concomitantly.
As budget funds continue to dwindle, many school districts have been forced to put maintenance on the back burner.
But these have declined as the human population has grown, leading the habitat to dwindle.
As forage supplies dwindle, deer will reach higher and dig deeper for food.
He's seen his crew size dwindle and work load increase.
As a result, many tribes were devastated, as their populations began to dwindle.
In spite of such conservation measures, the waterfowl populations have continued to dwindle.
With unregulated hunting and a nationwide loss of habitat, the continental populations of waterfowl began to dwindle.

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