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At last, his lifelong dream of a career creating large-scale extravaganzas for princely dwellings was coming true.
All dwellings will be provided power from the use of sewage flows.
We will need oil for a long time to come but this system can be used for the electric needs of dwellings all over the world.
The general character and arrangement of these dwellings remains on the whole unaltered.
Dwellings in low-lying areas near the capital have been flooded, forcing thousands of people into camps.
He helped to construct two more dwellings nearby, and you half expect to hear that one of them was rented out to dwarfs.
Traditional yurt dwellings on display before a monument.
They are situated far away from the dwellings, as ritual buildings often are.
Temporary wooden dwellings clustered at the base of the conical hills.
At first, the government would send in armed policemen to chase the people away and burn down their dwellings.
Describe the cliff dwellings where they lived and how they farmed and irrigated their lands.
Prairie dogs spend a lot of time building and rebuilding these dwellings.
These may have been dwellings of special people, chiefs or priests.
There were also squatters, who sometimes set up more permanent dwellings there.
They cannot enter private dwellings, though, and often illegal construction goes unnoticed.
Alternative discharging sewage treatment regulations for individual single family dwellings.
Peer into their homes, cliff dwellings built deep within canyon walls.
Exempts owners of farms and the owners of multiple dwellings from complying with the scaffold law in certain instances.

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