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The dwelling purchases were made chiefly by buyers who signified their intention to occupy.
The best defense against such attacks was an impregnable cliff dwelling.
Sounds good so far, but the key point is whether or not river dwelling fish can co-exist with the installation.
Today the five-bedroom dwelling is open to the public, for a minimum of two nights.
Both sides believe themselves to be aggrieved, and dwelling on it will only allow the corrosion to continue.
Such our options produce artificial enough gas for the complete providing of dwelling a heat and electricity.
Tour the lighthouse, fog-signal building and the restored keeper's dwelling.
These forecasters predicted that dwelling on how their relationship might not have been would dampen their spirits.
So rather than dwelling on her lack of political experience, she stresses how she will apply her nous to running the country.
Something of this size, he reckons, would destroy two rooms in a suburban dwelling.
It makes up a huge portion of the urban dwelling population.
When the bubble finally pops, dwelling values drop precipitously and the property market implodes.
Food provision is the object for which birds periodically change their dwelling places.
There is nothing inherently feminine in dwelling on something unproductively.
Dwelling and publication of issues can sometimes also sore them.
The piano is so universally popular at the present day that no dwelling is considered completely furnished without one.
More wine and music and start dwelling on the positives.
There is no way of changing that and dwelling on it won't change anything either.
She plays a frail, neurasthenic, terrified creature who moves into a dark and spooky dwelling.
Dwelling on the past accomplished nothing and can wake up old demons.
Each population is derived from a pigmented, fully sighted surface- or river-dwelling form.
Though resembling donkeys, onagers are desert-dwelling members of the horse family.
D amino acids are found in some proteins produced by exotic sea-dwelling organisms, such as cone snails.
It is good for us to make this our dwelling in spirit.
Four of the new species are water-dwelling crustaceans.
Only a few small, tree-dwelling sloth species survive today.
However, as they mature and their size and weight make tree climbing unwieldy, they transition to mainly ground-dwelling.
His duties included mollifying a volcano-dwelling ogre.
In the main dwelling, the food on the stove is still warm.
His original dwelling featured a concrete floor and limited amenities.
Plant-dwelling insects are in perpetual danger of being accidentally munched on by plant-eating animals.

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