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Her point of view is that of a seasoned city dweller, anonymous, uninvolved-amused.
The dweller in cities has less chance than the dweller in the country to keep his body sound and vigorous.
Whether it is a global threat or not, you can be sure that every city dweller hopes it is labeled as such.
But these days the last thing a city dweller needs is toughening up.
Sixty million years ago, on a planet crawling with mammals, one tree dweller rose above the crowd on paper-thin wings.
The large-eyed mouse lemur is a nocturnal tree-dweller.
When a forest dweller dies, scavengers and invertebrates quickly step in.
When the dweller's ready to turn in, he climbs the ladder to a circular double bed and pops the skylight.
In every neighborhood, she collected wireless names-a city dweller's version of catching butterflies.
But you've probably never seen the technique used on the world's tallest living land-dweller.
The accepted ancestor of primates was originally a hole dweller.
If you were a bipedal tree dweller in such a forest, you would have to wade and swim quite a lot.
The above comment is a rather hysterical post by either a hunting advocate, or uninformed urban dweller.
The giant squid proved to be the deepest dweller of the lot and in general, the largest squids lived closest to the ocean floor.
The farmers market affords the city dweller a taste of fresh.
Our penthouse-dweller is thinking that the object shown here is the perfect gift for a friend who has everything.
Those with the closed mind of a cave dweller are becoming fewer in number and are cloistered together for safety.
The stickleback is a bottom-dweller and has no need for an air bladder.
Contains numerous pueblo, or cliff-dweller ruins, in good preservation.
Marten, normally a dry land dweller, is uncommonly abundant on the flats.
Our market segments within the golf context include the urban dweller, bogey golfer, and the entertainment seeker.
The uneducated city dweller is consigned to low-level employment at low wages, or increasingly, to permanent unemployment.
The western meadowlark is mainly a ground dweller and searches for its food on the ground.
The farmer has always produced the foodstuffs to exchange with the city dweller for the other necessities of life.
Some acquaintance with needle and thread was part of every frontier dweller's experience.
Consider whether a roommate or co-dweller can relieve the financial burden.

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