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Somehow the words "the hamster" and "dry" refuse to dwell in the same part of my mind for very long.
Many species dwell in these habitats.
He wants to go home, perhaps to lie quietly in a hypobaric chamber and dwell upon revenge fantasies.
The manucodes and riflebirds species also dwell in Australia.
Ouzts refuses to dwell on the constant threat of serious injury or even death.
To dwell on the shortcomings of students smacks of professorial pride more than anything else.
Where dwell the children of the Elemental worlds in harmony.
Do not dwell on past mistakes.
He is less keen to dwell on the twists and turns of his political past.
But he doesn't dwell on it much, instead flinging himself into life.
The plants and animals that dwell there today are descended from castaways that arrived by sea or air.
These foxes dwell in small groups of up to ten individuals.
Unlike its close relative, the long-finned pilot whale, they dwell in tropical and subtropical waters.
Nutria may inhabit a riverbank or lakeshore, or dwell in the midst of wetlands.
But these birds are adaptable and also dwell in mountains and tropical rain forests.
If you're tired midway through a race, don't dwell on it.
But computers do not dwell upon yesterday's defeat, and they never have good or bad games.
He prefers to dwell on the marketing tool's potential for informing consumers in a meaningful way.
In your discussion, don't dwell on the negative-on the penalties for cheating.
We deliver an elegant lecture and dwell on an ill-considered response to a friendly question.
Do not dwell on your tenure denial but do not try to cover it up, either.
Don't dwell on this, though, as it's unlikely to make or break your candidacy.
People don't want you to dwell on a decision for hours, much less days.
Or he might have been reluctant to dwell upon so strange and inexplicable an occurrence.
Dont dwell on the past goings on, and dont keep in touch with what is going on in the future.
If the conversation seems to dwell too much on family issues, some honesty and redirection are called for.
Trying not to dwell on the past but get in shape and eat better now.
Also, it could have evolved there fro any primate ancestor that dwell on those days.
According to the report, creatures that dwell in reef interiors help feed their hosts.
Toxicological studies are traditionally based on short periods of exposure and on organisms that dwell in shallow waters.
Morals and ethics change with time, and you dwell on those aspects that don't sit well in the current ethical landscape.
These are the dwell time on each individual key and the times between successive key pairs.
So there are a number of topics this family chooses not to dwell upon when they get together, in order to keep the peace.
Don't stop thinking at the macro level, remember each of us is a whole universe for the micro species that dwell within.
They did not dwell long over the contents of the pantry.
As they grow older, they dwell more and more on their memories of the war years.
It's best to stick to the transfixing, luminous photographs in such books, and not dwell too long on the text.
The authors asked a group of college students to dwell on a situation in which someone had power over them.
He didn't dwell on the outcome-the possible children, the various mothers.
To dwell on it can be as much a transgression as taking leave of it.
Fantasy fiction lets us dwell, however briefly, in days of miracles and wonder.
He didn't dwell on the racism part, but he didn't sugarcoat it either.
Because it will be big before it is rich, it will dwell on its domestic needs to the neglect of its global duties.
There are plenty who dwell on the downsides of this community spirit.
Dwell with what has been written, and what you think should have been written.
People who do that tend to do better, if your dwell on it often gets worse.
According to quantum mechanics, the energy of empty space comes from the virtual particles that dwell there.
Distinctive faces dwell far away from the crowd, in much lonelier neighborhoods.
They dwell in equatorial rainforests and are characterized by their short mean stature.
Theirs is a history of anguish which still seems to dwell dimly if at all in the public consciousness.
Avarice and fidelity cannot dwell together in the same house.
Do not let the mind dwell upon what you cannot obtain.
Except from the historical side, however, it is unnecessary to dwell on this part of the matter.
Do not dwell in a city whose governor is a physician.
Whether they dwell in urban or rural areas, many people enjoy the solitude and simpler lifestyle that comes with camping.
If you dwell on it, then you become part of the problem.
It is not mere hubris that leads humans to dwell on their ever expanding, ever more incredible feats of athletic prowess.
When you lose your innocence, you tend to dwell on it.
Or you may linger for a bit and dwell on the things that make it different.
Or you can dwell on the relative strength of your currency.
After all, history has not been good to native people in the developing world who dwell on suddenly valuable land.
It's harder to find a romance where they dwell on the hand-holding.
Violent people in the grip of rage or mental illness don't dwell on the distant prospect of a lethal injection.
If you dwell only on the negatives, you might not make progress.

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