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Caught by the beggars there carved in stone and the dwarfs of bright colors.
He helped to construct two more dwellings nearby, and you half expect to hear that one of them was rented out to dwarfs.
These failed stars are called brown dwarfs and they are not as unfamiliar as they might sound.
Skype, with a user base that dwarfs those of others offering consumer video calls, is well placed to dominate the market.
The amount of pot seized absolutely dwarfs the amount of cocaine seized.
Its annual tourist flow dwarfs the local population.
The mind stretches an hour to a century, and dwarfs an age to an hour.
It begins to outgrow its brothers on the outside, and finally dwarfs them.
The file's size dwarfs the size of all the other files on the page combined.
Huge star that dwarfs the sun may be heaviest ever.
Although robotics has sped up many of these processes, the scale of the task still dwarfs the automation achieved.
In the end, outsourcing has created a contractor employee workforce that dwarfs the government employee workforce.
And stars that have ballooned into red giants or dwindled into white dwarfs are also rejected.
His large photo of the ogling schoolchildren dwarfs a much smaller shot of the murdered body on the page.
More worrying still was a downbeat report from the services sector, which dwarfs manufacturing as a share of the economy.
The answer is illegal immigration on a scale which dwarfs the present levels.
Both stars are white dwarfs-the dense, white-hot remnants left behind when sunlike stars die.
That's because red dwarfs are relatively small and dim, and are cooler than our sun, the team explained.
From white dwarfs to space junk, our solar system is filled with mysterious and often mind-blowing phenomena.
White dwarfs are the dense cores left behind when sunlike stars die.
Brown dwarfs, also called failed stars, are lighter and cooler than conventional stars.
We were dwarfs on a desert beach- but dwarfs with a princely flood of water at our feet.
Red dwarfs are about a hundred times brighter than brown dwarfs but a thousand times fainter than the sun.
The stellar cores become white dwarfs, which heat up the expelled material to create bright planetary nebulae.
The economic impact of recycling dwarfs that of composting.
These dwarfs had long been predicted to exist, but they have only recently been spotted in space.
They discovered brown dwarfs, which blur the distinction between planet and star.
In the second scenario, both stars are white dwarfs.
The gravitational pull of these white dwarfs can attract nearby asteroids that then get pulverized.
The new potential dwarfs will join several other candidates awaiting confirmation and recognition.
From yellow dwarfs to blue supergiants, stars continue to challenge astronomers' understanding of the universe.
Those picking apart the history of galaxies think the clues may lie in galactic dwarfs.
Yet this investment in public and human capital dwarfs all the rest in its amount and in its importance for our future.
But now the rate of climate change driven by human activity is reaching a level that dwarfs natural rates of change.
We have a military capability that dwarfs all others.
It causes people to view dwarfs as objects and freaks to gawk at.
Brown dwarfs are poorly named: they're not really brown.
Scientists are looking closer at brown dwarfs to learn more about the formation of stars and planets.
The percentage of space devoted to cognition dwarfs that of humans, whose brains take up two to three percent of the body.
But even long after the star is dead, it still feeds on the living: astronomers have detected white dwarfs consuming asteroids.
What has been discovered about viruses since, however, dwarfs all that previous virological knowledge.
But the brain's complexity dwarfs that of any existing computer.
The cost of a c-section dwarfs a one-day, unmedicated delivery.
With injectable growth hormone, short kids become treatable dwarfs.
Audiences who were pleased to watch the animated cavorting of mice and dwarfs didn't care to be elevated.

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