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Flowers and plants are larger than miniature dwarf bearded irises.
Dwarf with tiny leaves that emerge bluish, take on rust tones.
Dwarf plant with small, narrow, chocolate-brown leaves.
Elliptical galaxies may also be small, in which case they are dubbed dwarf elliptical galaxies.
Big was beautiful for geraniums until indoor gardeners were introduced to the world of dwarf geraniums.
It will bring each of them one-off costs in the tens of millions, but the savings over time will dwarf the initial outlay.
Plants that relied at times mostly on the dim red dwarf might need light from all across the visible spectrum.
Overall, he said, three minutes would be the fastest a binary white dwarf system could get.
When our sun comes to its ending in five billion years or so, it will fade into a quiescent white dwarf.
Move potted genetic dwarf peaches and nectarines to a covered location in rainy weather.
We also had four dwarf arbor vitaes that survived their relocation, and put those in along one corner as a privacy hedge.
The differences between them dwarf the commonalities.
The new addition, which isn't yet named, brings the dwarf planet's number of known satellites to four.
Compact dwarf or cushion types make tidy edgings, mounds of color in rock gardens, good container plants.
In the middle of a red giant is the seed of a white dwarf.
Amounts that dwarf the current situation in the gulf.
Most novae are blue and occur when material on a white dwarf star explodes.
Tea partiers, who are against all tax hikes dwarf them.
After all, our tomatoes, zucchini and dwarf fruit trees also need insect pollinators.
The ornamental bananas described here include tree-size, medium-size, and dwarf plants.
Numerous hybrids are available now in all sorts of stature from giant tall to almost dwarf.
Dwarf forms are also available add to my plant list.
The new planet is only the second one found around a red dwarf.
Dwarf conifers come with gold, chartreuse, or deep green needles.
Several named varieties selected for good leaf color or dwarf form are sold add to my plant list.
Many hybrids are available, including dwarf varieties and ones with more spreading habits add to my plant list.
If you want a smaller tree, look for one grafted on dwarf rootstock.
Straightway the door opened, and a shriveled, shabby dwarf entered.
Naida was a dwarf, which is not really a rare thing.
The change is reportedly because people had trouble remembering which dwarf or duck parking area they were parked in.
Supplies of wind and solar energy on accessible land dwarf the energy consumed by people around the globe.
The problems of cultural conservation are so enormous that they dwarf any foundation's ability to fund solutions.
The power of the little dwarf is so profound and catastrophic that it doesn't matter if you call it a planet or not-it's a killer.
Those disadvantages, if they apply to you, dwarf any advantages of credit cards.
In fact, there are four other dwarf planets to keep it company, and maybe even more on the way.
He and his colleagues found a semi-dwarf mutant that gave much higher yields, partly because it produced more grain.
One object is already a type of stellar corpse called a white dwarf.
When all the gas is released, the leftover core of the dead star is called a white dwarf.
Eventually a red giant's gas envelope will slough off entirely, leaving behind a dense stellar corpse known as a white dwarf.
Females often dwarf the males, and conflicts over territories and mates can get particularly violent.
In other white dwarf news, astronomers have discovered a red dwarf in an extremely tight orbit with a white dwarf.
One possible explanation would be that these are not planets at all but brown dwarf stars.
It's even possible the object is so large it's actually a brown dwarf and not a planet.
They look too dense and too big to be globular clusters, much too big to be stars, and too bright to be dwarf elliptical galaxies.
Those are his own words, and they dwarf any statement about rainforests, whether it was out of context or straight.
The dwarf chestnut oak is also know as dwarf chinkapin or scrub oak.

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