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Example sentences for dutifully

Baseball caps and do-rags are dutifully removed while court is in session.
The freshmen, gawky in their fatigues and heavy boots, slouch in their seats and stare dutifully at the screen.
But the general dutifully quit, and his replacement pledged loyalty.
There may be a benediction, and a choir may dutifully sing.
Sarge, wherever he is behind those walls, dutifully pipes down.
The rector dutifully enters, cell phone in hand in case he's needed elsewhere.
They dutifully proceeded to shred the subjunctive, despite the continuing din of power drills.
We formed a plan for him to meet with his instructor in that course and recover lost points, and he dutifully followed through.
Its residents dutifully cart buckets of used shower and washing machine water outside to their gardens.
Their children will dutifully come home and do their own laundry.
We have a sizable balance and pay interest dutifully every month.
Police would be dutifully at the scene to calm the situation and protect the public and property.
And the result, dutifully prepared, falls directly between the poles.
Family and friends dutifully praise the budding songwriter.
Katie dutifully tries to impress the big boss but proves inept at handling the social responsibilities.
Then you shell out money to spend three days in windowless conference rooms listening to other people dutifully read their papers.
Several days later they dutifully returned the videos they had rented, and invariably repeated the process.
It's your first cruise and you're dutifully reading the cruise line's pamphlet on what to expect on your upcoming voyage.
The two friends and movie co-stars have dutifully made the press rounds.
The owner dutifully fetched some bananas and buttered some rolls.
She was arrested for that misdemeanor, was released and dutifully got her license renewed the next day.
We dutifully examine buildings for familiarization and to check for fire hazards.
Many thanks to the participating sites for dutifully providing data.
It was a momentous occasion and many of the people who worked for years on the transition process were dutifully recognized.
He was dutifully taken in and cared for during his last days.
To my amazement, the gobblers dutifully turned around and milled in ardent confusion well within camera and gun range.
It undermines their critical mission to dutifully enforce our immigration laws.

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