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Customs duties have fallen as trade barriers have been reduced.
Both take turns incubating their single egg and defending the nest, and both share duties in rearing the hatchling.
Human testers traditionally have pulled such pungent duties.
Meanwhile, purely robotic systems will take over other space duties.
Other duties may include writing complex stored procedures, load performance, optimization.
Three years later new imports were taking nearly half the market, despite high duties.
Fulfilling your duties as a scientist does not excuse you from your duties as a member of the human community.
Some needed to be able to read, write, and do sums simply because their duties necessitated such.
Hatchlings remain in the nest for up to a month, and the parents alternate foraging and brooding duties.
Even if those hosts shut down, the network remains largely intact, and other hosts can take over those duties.
Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the performance of duties.
Duties include receiving and processing incoming intelligence reports and messages and maintaining intelligence records and files.
It is indeed desirable to establish a clear division of duties between business and government.
The males and females swap parenting duties and the exhausted males go in search of food themselves.
It does not hinder her in performing her job duties.
If that happens, both would have the right to levy huge duties on the offending products.
Surely the full-time faculty members would want their summers free of teaching duties.
The historian's first duties are sacrilege and the mocking of false gods.
The members come from diverse musical backgrounds, sharing singing duties and swapping instruments throughout their sets.
There are light clerical duties as well, such as responding to story and product pitches and ordering products for review.
His discretionary duties include the administration of discipline.
But there are objective criteria that can identify jobs that are, for example, better paying than others with similar duties.
Many business owners either travel themselves or send employees out into the field to take care of company-related duties.
Firms now subject both to safeguard tariffs and anti-dumping duties would instead simply face higher anti-dumping duties.
In the event of an emergency they would have duties that require considerable physical work.
But even a modest decline in duties would cut the profitability of smuggling.
It has already started to reduce export tax credits for steel, and could even impose duties and quotas.
We should unilaterally eliminate all tariffs and import duties on goods and services from that continent.
Instead of paying the full duties, importers simply abandoned their containers on the docks.
Because it will be big before it is rich, it will dwell on its domestic needs to the neglect of its global duties.
Athlete-welfare matters and administrative duties rounded out the demands.
And that includes fulfilling all the common duties that come with teaching a university course, including meeting with students.
Staff members usually have job profiles that specify their duties.
Position may be required to perform other duties as required.
The company has reviewed this job description to ensure that essential functions and basic duties have been included.
The ability to utilize standard office equipment, including computers, in order to perform the duties of the job.
In weighing an internship for credit, they may ask an employer to change some duties or reject a position altogether.
Among prairie voles, the males not only share parenting duties, they will even lick and nurture pups that aren't their own.
Pausing in his duties, a ruddy-faced lamplighter in plain homespun pauses to carouse with his fellows in the village streets.
Relieved of their duties, the surviving postal worker camels were soon sent to zoos.
Duties upon flour and meal when ground at the mill, and upon bread when baked at the oven, take place in many countries.
It denies the name of duty to many offices that are called duties.
They require at my hands diligence, integrity, and capacity wherever there are duties to be performed.
NO nation can claim rights without acknowledging the duties that go with the rights.
The bounty upon gunpowder exported, a drawback duties of the duties upon brimstone and saltpetre imported.
Throughout his life, moreover, he was much busied with official duties.
It won't completely relieve you of vacuuming duties, though.
With the coming of the all-purpose tractor, his duties multiplied.
In order to attract these highly paid faculty, they are offered positions with little teaching duties.
But no division of duties was set in stone then, he says.
We have almost completely different missions and job duties.
And he determined that meant he was free of door duties and let the door go.
Department regulations were also long ago rewritten to include immigration work in the regular duties of deputies.
Not to mention the laundry list of duties employers are looking for, barely paying above minimum wage.
She will find a new interest in the old common round of domestic duties.
Part of the band's duties included run-of-the-mill meetings where they helped hammer out details as mundane as food service.
They swear no oaths, take care of no patients, and profess no high-minded ethical duties.
One of the chief duties of a ruler, these savants thought, was to ensure population growth.
He simply was forced to permit new occasions to teach new duties.
Giving him the bad news became one of the author's duties.
The result is that agencies have often been led by people skeptical of their own duties.
Rather than report at a distance, you perform grueling crew duties to earn your keep.
Military jets, anyway, are only supposed to be used by ministers performing official duties.
Although administrative duties afford her little time for research, she still manages to study submarine hot spots.
Hire yourself out to one of the many companies whose own computers need your human brain to complete their duties.
Your narrow field will take the majority of your time outside of your administrative and teaching duties.
Its presence dupes other host cells into absorbing the virus as part of their general clean-up duties.
Maternal duties don't contradict my statement at all.
He performed his court-ordered duties at a library with other teenage offenders.
So, after finishing her duties every morning at seven, she offered to handle the morning's economic roundups for other reporters.
They are expected to perform their ecclesiastical duties on top of career and family responsibilities.
Kate runs into one of her secret-agent bosses and bitterly mentions that she has yet to be paid for her spy duties.
My babysitting duties ended a minute after he arrived.
Mothers often could not discharge these duties without help.
But they are not members of any state that has redistributive duties to all the world's poor-because no such state exists.
The higher he rose, the more time and energy his court duties required.
Doctors have duties to society, as well as to patients and themselves.
In a democracy the people need to be informed if they are to fulfill their duties as citizens.
One of his first duties was to select a provost, his top aide.
As a symbol of the duties of public office, it's momentous.
Such mayor shall be the chief conservator of the peace therein and shall have the powers and duties provided by law.
Also, depending on the size of the museum, the curator may have significant managerial and administrative duties.

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