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Example sentences for dustpan

The crippling ash potion was swept up into a dustpan.
In this case, use a dustpan and squeegee or disposable cardboard to scoop up the spill materials and sharps.
If large, loose material is present on the surface, it should be collected with a whisk broom and dustpan.
Use a towel, shovel, and/or broom and a dustpan to pick up these sharp objects.
Use a glove and tongs, shovel, or broom and dustpan to pick it up.
Use a glove and tongs, shovel or broom and dustpan to pick it up.
Dust samples were collected by sweeping dust from areas of several square meters with a soft nylon brush into a dustpan.
Transfer the entire sample collected in the dustpan to the container, minimizing escape of dust particles.
Clean up the drill cuttings with a dustpan and brush or vacuum.
They can also be swept up with a broom and dustpan and be deposited outside well away from the house.
When collecting a sample from a large area, a paintbrush and dustpan can be used.
Use a clean shovel or dustpan to move the material into one or more plastic bags.
Only mechanical means such as a brush and dustpan, tongs or forceps are allowed to come into contact with the sharps.
Use tongs, or a dustpan and broom to pick up potentially contaminated sharps.
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