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Example sentences for dustbin

We are merely waiting for elections to confine him to the dustbin of history.
The idea of global warming seemed bound for the intellectual dustbin.
But it is exciting when a neglected talent is recovered from the dustbin of history.
It was a relic, consigned to the dustbin of history by a rising tide of contempt for the academic curriculum.
Argues that for years the emphasis on historical specialization relegated world history to the academic dustbin.
Safety should never be an enigma buried in some musty bureaucratic dustbin.
It needs to be relegated to the dustbin of economic history.
But history overtook them and their crowns and armies are part of the dustbin of history.

Famous quotes containing the word dustbin

Here, for example, are a few of the doctrinal parallels: Instead of God, the Communists believe in history as a final pr... more
Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind.... more
When there's no future How can there be sin We're the flowers in the dustbin We're the poison in your human... more
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