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At dusk the heat gave way to the cool evening air, and the camp divided into three groups.
The show is best at dusk and at night, when the glow of fume clouds contrasts against dark sky and sea.
They usually hunt at night or during the gloaming hours of dawn and dusk.
But the existence of dawn and dusk does not invalidate the distinction between night and day.
The dense early morning fog and dusk light isolate this beautiful oak tree creating a mysterious mood.
The dusk became darkness, and the hours wore far into the evening.
It was early dusk of a fall evening and the sky was overcast with clouds.
And as they made merry, dusk evening came upon them.
Fishing piers are usually open from dawn to dusk and some allow night use.
Early morning and dusk are the best times of the day to view wildlife.
As dusk falls over the city, so too do menu prices in many prominent restaurants.
The last of the office lights are being turned off in the gathering dusk which marks the end of another day's administrative toil.
Half of the eight enormous paintings of water lilies depict the flowers at dawn, half at dusk.
Blank travels at dusk to minimize sun damage and seeks shelter at the first hint of rain.
Start with a visit to the park's mega-celebrity geyser and end with wildlife watching at dusk more.
It is shot at dusk and the light is changing constantly.
These people are working from dawn till well past dusk with few breaks in between.
At dusk a gentle breeze came up and cooled things down.
They'd land at dusk and transfer their bags of mail to overnight trains.
After collecting all the frames before dusk set in, my next chore was to clean and store the super for the winter.
Around dusk the lights went up on the launchpad, and the vigil seemed to begin in earnest.
We walked at dusk a long way in the city to the center, and mixed with the locals watching a soccer game.
The day stays warm, but even at noon it feels as though dusk has already set in.
We reach the rim by dusk and erect our tents, then stand on the edge and stare down into the crater.
She rattles around the dear old place in the gathering dusk plays something on the phonograph, and finally sinks into bed.
The dusk settles upon the desert, sealing me in beneath a wrap of fog.
He sets off happily at first light and returns only at dusk.
Let's say an artist wants to paint a pale-skinned figure standing outside at dusk or in a flame-lit interior.
They can return to that same open field, face west at dusk and observe the sun set below the horizon.
Many of the neighbors of all ages would congregate at dusk, set up deck chairs, sip lemonade and enjoy the spectacle.
More swimming during the day, sherry parties at dusk, and then a few hours of swabbing birds.
It was nearing dusk, and a skin of ice covered the snow.
The creature had appeared at dusk, an illusory time of day.
Instead of barricading themselves indoors at dusk, locals feel secure enough to stroll home from restaurants late at night.
Outside, dusk is fast gathering in the still quiet streets.
The marquee was a brilliant slab of white in the dusk.
At dawn and dusk, they are especially busy-older people meet in groups to chat and take a few rounds on the pendulum.
At dusk, the view from across the lake dissolves in a humid mist and the house seems enshrouded in an air of beautiful sadness.
But my dread intensified and from dusk to dawn would not leave me alone.
Desolate heaps of office buildings and intersections, they bustle misleadingly from nine to five before dying at dusk.
He loved the melancholy of reflections caught in rainy streets at dusk.
The trails are open from dawn until dusk year round.
Bats wake up to hunt because their clock tells them it's dusk-summer or winter, no matter.
Researchers know that the pineal begins squirting melatonin into the blood at dusk and stops at dawn.
Most are active at dawn and dusk, while others enjoy midday feeding.
As dusk falls, she reaches the ligaments behind the bulla and calls for a flashlight.
Depending on the time of year, you could get an extended dusk or dawn.
And according to a new study, they probably met and died sometime around dawn or dusk.
It wouldn't take much eccentricity to greatly vary the amount of heat energy reaching the dusk area.
Three hours elapsed before rangers joined the hunt, at dusk, in the rain.
The kudzu seems to close in on the landscape at dusk.
The salon traffic did not abate until after dusk, when the master coiffed his last heads.
Another hour went by, and dusk started to creep in through the mangrove.
From dawn to dusk, orangutans roam the forest treetops.
The barn owl-a ghostly presence at dusk when it hunts on pale, silent wings-also benefited.
At dusk, homes and shops are lit up with lights and fireworks fill the skies.
At dusk, hippos leave the river's last deep pools and melt into the darkness of the bush to forage.
She made no answer, and he sat in silence, watching her profile grow indistinct against the snow-streaked dusk beyond the window.
He glared at her a moment through the dusk, and the next instant she felt his arms about her, and his lips on her own lips.
The refuge lands and waters are open year-round, from dawn to dusk.
Most courts are available for walk on use from dawn till dusk.
Thus, if traveling in a malarious area, be especially vigilant in applying repellent from dusk to dawn.
The park is open from dawn to dusk each day of the year.
The pier, open daily from dawn to dusk, is admission-free.
The refuge and museum are open daily from dawn until dusk.
Many parishes imposed aggressive dusk-till-dawn curfews.
These battles might rage all day, into the winter dusk.

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