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In fact, both are known to decrease during stepped-up activity, including exercise.
Brain scans of a speaker and listener showed their neural activity synchronizing during storytelling.
During a cardiac event, blood flow to the heart ceases.
During activity the granular zone gradually diminishes in size, and when exhausted is only seen as a small area next to the lumen.
Yes, science, of which there is plenty to be had during any sporting event.
During the fighting, students on higher floors dropped books down on the police, and captured the scuffle on video.
There's no down time during the process, and anything you say and do at any time will be noted and filed away.
During a thunderstorm, a glowing ball the size of your head suddenly appears.
Support for redistribution, surprisingly enough, has plummeted during the recession.
The idea that ocean basins can flood catastrophically during periods of rising sea levels is nothing new in geology.
During a remodel, bad things can and often do happen to trees.
During the recession itself, by contrast, wage gains outpaced inflation.
Most full-time professors leave campus during the summer to renew themselves for the fall semester.
With their deep pockets, they were able to continue to open new shops and invest in the business during the crisis.
New research indicates that depression during pregnancy is more common than postpartum depression.
Set the box over the plant, keeping the lid closed at night and open during the day.
History has also shown us that web advertising is particularly vulnerable during a recession.
It was hot and sticky during the summer, but lovely during the winter.
During the same season, however, males are more active.
Coax spring bulbs to flower indoors during winter.
The accident occurred during a nitrogen purge of the orbiter.
There is no other way during inflation and deflation.
Ask students to think about how the weather has been during the past few years in their home region and around the country.
She did not shift her feet during the recital-perhaps because the old wooden floor planks could creak loudly.
Control plant growth by pinching back shoot tips during the growing season.
To date, the five who died during the accident were the only fatalities in the history of the monorail.
First, during fever, all the body's functions are occurring amidst increased physiologic stress.
Keep potting mix moist during growing and bloom season.
Children born to mothers who are stressed during pregnancy may become adults with prematurely aged cells.
Make sure during these two weeks that the thermostat is not set too high.
Katrina has a husband and three children waiting at home for her during this long expedition.
Because burrowing owls are active during the day, they are a highly visible species.
Minimize opening and closing the oven door during baking to avoid lowering the temperature.
During the day the opposite happens, causing the ground to emit less.
The table contains a spring-fed well, used to cool wine during outdoor banquets.
And in permafrost areas, the ground usually thaws to below root level during the warm months.
Telomeres shorten during ageing of human fibroblasts.
Symptoms are small dead patches of lawn that appear in spring and enlarge during summer.
During that time he did not feel sleepy or tired and did not show any disorders of mood, memory, or anxiety.
Most chickens molt once a year, usually during the fall or winter.
During the day the liver manufactures relatively low levels of the protein, but at night it ramps up its production a hundredfold.
One type, used during the period of active growth, contains largely nitrogen.
During wildfire season, there are essentials to keep on hand incase flames are approaching.
And this royal cake can pull rank during the holidays.
Many deciduous trees are sold bare-root during the dormant season from late fall through early spring.
Give little or no water in mild-summer climates, weekly irrigation during summer in hotter areas.
Feed in-ground plants two or three times during the growing season.
During the holidays, with so many gatherings waiting to happen, weeknight meals sometimes need to be worthy of company.
Daylilies will survive considerable drought, but for generous bloom they need ample water during their growing period.
Stands of aspens provide shelter from harsh winds and cast dappled sunlight during the growing season.
Use a simple three ring binder to track what happens in your yard during each season.
The best time to take cuttings is during the softwood stage in spring or early summer, when stems are still green and pliable.
Water once or twice a week during the summer, less often in the cool months.
The pace of program cuts is likely only to accelerate during the next year.
When he raised his voice during the chorus, the turkeys joined in.
But sometime because of radical change in weather during pick summer they don't bloom.
During the quietest part of the second movement, a crow cawed in primal accompaniment.
If you've been buying sports gels to keep you going during your workout, you might want to try honey instead.
Also, there is nothing wrong with asking the chairperson what they expect in a general sense during the informal discussion.
But that does not mean that it is observed, during or after war.
During the growing phase the plant flowers and begins to develop four or five tillers along its main stem.
Their ability to be comfortable during social interaction and maintain relationships is permanently impaired.
He was at it again during his long deliberations on stem-cell research.
Accordingly, the animals use different kinds of echolocation during these activities.
In no way did those individuals manipulate the process, nor were they even candidates during the search.
Go with time, during the week if possible, and during the day.
And he wanted to check up on the friends he had made during two decades of visiting the island nation.
Dazzling color display during peak bloom in late spring, early summer.
During spells of heavy rain and strong winds, large trees may even topple.
In mild-winter climates, you can also sow at intervals in fall and winter for harvest during those seasons.
Plants bloom almost continually during mild weather.
White flowers almost cover plant during bloom season.
Spray horticultural oil during the dormant period to control many kinds of pests and diseases, including scale insects and mites.
Gather beautiful individual leaves during a walk in the country or neighborhood.
No matter which type you choose, feed plants regularly during the growing season, and they'll reward you with lush growth.
And during that time, the world with all its worries falls away.
Once they mature, the trees benefit from yearly pruning during dormancy.
The point of sparging, as this process is called, is to rinse off the residual sugar that adheres to the grain during the mash.
Not only were our gardens planted and nourished during spring and summer, so were our friendships and connections.
During lulls in play, they all went shopping and visited local attractions.
During the introspective, achingly beautiful fourth movement, an audience member's cellphone loudly rang.
Many birds lose what they don't use during the winter, letting hormone concentrations dwindle and reproductive organs shrink.
Temporary blindness and disorientation are not qualities you look for in a pilot, especially during takeoff and landing.
Methane leaks during production may offset climate benefits of natural gas.
Snoring is the sound produced by vibrating structures of the upper airway, typically during inhalation.
The new standards aim at slashing smog-forming and cancer-causing pollutants emitted during the oil and gas drilling process.
During these encounters, which may last from minutes to an hour, the squirrel frequently bushes and wags its tail.
Volunteers rated the toffee eaten during low-pitched music as more bitter than that consumed during the high-pitched rendition.
During the long war there it has provided sanctuary to millions of refugees.
During a visit to a southern boomtown he declared that economic gains could yet be lost without reforms to the political system.
But a whole lot of capital becomes worthless during the depression because of excess production of it during the boom.
During the boom investors rewarded growth, whether it was sustainable or not.
Their reticence could reflect fears of copycat crimes, or simply the old habit of suppressing news during big events.
Debates are barbed and sometimes vicious-especially during the gladiatorial spectacle of prime minister's questions.
During this time, the birds use the wind as their primary form of locomotion.
No part of the ancient script was altered or damaged during this process.
They have been used to store water during times of heavy buildup and for gradual release during dry periods.
If a horse falls or slips during takeoff or landing, it might injure them.
During the winter months, many animals seem to disappear as temperatures drop and the days grow shorter.
They also recovered one of the giant squid's two longest tentacles, which severed during its struggle.
If the environment in which an embryo develops is not a close match, problems can occur during pregnancy.
During the second plane incident and the subsequent pause, there was also the wailing for a fire siren.
They had been composed by her during the period of the courtship.
During pregnancy the uterus becomes enormously enlarged, and in the eighth month reaches the epigastric region.
When the forearm is flexed the upper quadrilateral surface is palpable, but during extension it recedes into the olecranon fossa.
The development of the ethmoidal cells begins during fetal life.
The base of the lung descends during inspiration and ascends during expiration.
The thoracic and pelvic curves are termed primary curves, because they alone are present during fetal life.
They elevate and invert the lower end of the rectum after it has been protruded and everted during the expulsion of the feces.
The nuclear membrane and nucleolus are also differentiated during this phase.
The ovary becomes displaced during the first pregnancy, and probably never again returns to its original position.
The baggage and papers of officers and soldiers taken during the siege to be likewise preserved for them.
During the sixth or seventh month the tympanic antrum appears as an upward and backward expansion of the tympanic cavity.
It prevents the regurgitation of blood into the sinus during the contraction of the atrium.
It was several times reprinted during the century and even now repays a reading.
Good rice takes six months to grow during the rainy season.
In making custards, the crucial points come when the hot milk is combined with the eggs and sugar, and during the actual cooking.
The letter should also give you a better idea of what will be expected of you during the interview.
He actually sent me the letter of recommendation to try to cheer me up during a bleak time in my new position.
Music video and song captions are shown on television screen to remind the singers during singing.
Those not exposed to family during this period will never identify them.
Pessimists-many of whom weighed in during the ensuing decade-reckoned a number closer to zero.
But the theory said nothing about what came before or even during the split second when everything went bang.
The smaller ones are often in bad shape, some in tatters, because of attacks by other squid during their helpless ascent.
During the experiment, kids had much better huffing track records than they had had before getting involved in the study.
But during the process you don't realize what's happening.
Lewis has been going strong for six years-touring relentlessly during that time-and she fully intends to stay.
It's additional income that will definitely go a long way in covering lawyers' fees during his impossible lawsuit.
At the end, during the applause, he turned around and faced the audience.
During his one remaining hour, he can walk in circles in another room, with no other prisoners present.
The sun rises late and sets early, and even during the day there is little to do but trade tales.
Twenty years previously, during the savings and loans crisis, this approach had been adopted successfully.
During the years immediately ahead, there is little reason for the party leaders to radically change their tone.
During winter, they were fed hay the colonists harvested during the short summer.
Amazon also tailors recommendations by taking into account what a user has looked at during a visit to a website.
The device can be put in a pocket, attached discreetly to a bra, or slipped into a special wristband during sleep.
If you've ever wondered how much sleep you actually got during a restless night, a new home-use device may have the answer.
Being social is something he does during commercials, in preference to watching them.
It serves the important function of relieving the excess flow that occurs during certain social situations.
Instead, the same companies that were slow to hire after the last recession have been fast to fire during this one.
During these years he never stopped taking train trips.
She insists she was never personally involved in violent actions during her militant days.
Some people's brains are better than others' at blocking out ambient sound during sleep.
Kidney function is so revved up during pregnancy that even in high doses, amoxicillin is excreted before it can work its magic.
Watch a reporter fall during a live report at a haunted house.
Watch this reporter get nailed by a soccer ball during a live broadcast.
The incidents happened during new member orientation.
Plan ahead so that you are not forced into making major changes or decisions during that time period.
Stay safe during a flood avoiding flooding, floodwaters, and flooded roadways.
Because anemia is so common, doctors and midwives usually check the blood for anemia during the first prenatal visit.

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