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Example sentences for duress

Cats often purr while under duress, such as during a visit to the veterinarian or when recovering from injury.
There had been no indication that the state's attorney had obtained their statements under duress.
He later recanted that statement, saying it was obtained under duress.
Now he said he is forced under duress.
I'm an adventurous person only under duress.
He tended to notice her when she was around, which was not often — she seemed to play tennis only under duress.
The pressure and duress he was under was no longer worth it.
You signed something under duress, but then went ahead and complied.
That will happen, if at all, under some sort of duress and tranquilizers.
They told the court their guilty confessions had been extracted under duress.
During the economic downturn, the nation's community colleges have experienced extraordinary growth under duress.
Every student of his has left under duress, complaining about papers and authorship and the lack of guidance.
The slain monkeys are shared, but either under duress or in exchange for favours.
Under all countries' laws, any contract is null and void if it is signed under duress.
But it is clear that some are doing so only under duress.
Devaluation may help restore current budget and external imbalances, but under extreme duress.
The question is whether the euro zone can make it through the immediate duress.
They have tight knit tribal groups, but they are so small that all sides are always under duress from other groups.
So it's a restraint that isn't so strict that it should choke the nation in a time of duress.
Where the weight of a whole country's moral decision-making is on their shoulders in a moment of duress.
In laboratories and on shooting ranges, there are people who study what happens to bodies and minds under extreme duress.
Three months after the marathons, images revealed hearts with normal function and no signs of having been under duress.
The allegation, he claimed, had been made under duress.
The evidence in this case raises the defense of duress.
The apprehension must be reasonable and the defendant must not have participated in the crime except for the duress.
In support of his duress argument plaintiff cites two cases.

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