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Some authors have even supposed that, as the individual has a definite length of life, so have species a definite duration.
All in all, hundreds of performers appear on three stages over the event's duration.
Also, when you talk about duration or length in relativity, you always have to state with respect to which observer.
The fund seeks to maintain an effective duration of three and one-half to seven years under normal market conditions.
Spring and autumn are pleasant but short in duration.
Largely thanks to the entertainment industry's lawyers and lobbyists, copyright's scope and duration have vastly increased.
However, the frequency and duration of hurricanes overall have stayed about the same.
In the first case, there was little to remember, so your brain collapsed the feeling of duration.
Here are some tips for saving battery life that will keep your laptop alive for the duration of your journey.
In people who already have colds, exercise has no effect on the illness' severity or duration of the infection.
At this point leaning toward law for this reason alone even though dreading the three or four year duration.
The strength and duration of protection has expanded enormously.
The measurement is based on a storm's wind speed, the duration of those winds, and the duration of the storm.
That's an important question, because the duration of an earthquake helps determine how much damage it will do.
The plane's approximately eight hour duration and ability to fly low and slow make it a handy espionage platform.
When they rise, consumers prolong payments and the duration of these securities lengthens.
The duration of the volcano's activity is also of concern.
He was identified as the one human being who had traveled the fastest speed for the longest duration.
Each line and space on the staff correspond to a note-the sign used to signal the duration and pitch of a sound.
And they used dozens of different war scenarios to calculate the magnitude and duration of the cooling.
When no eye movement was involved, they were able to gauge the duration of display of the first digit more accurately.
The depth and duration of this seasonal flooding varies.
Addition of polymers to the peptides improves their pharmacological properties, such as the duration of drug activity.
Research has not pinpointed an exact duration of antibiotic therapy.
The way that the crisis has centred on the banking industry also explains its duration.
Males protect the egg during the absence of their mates, a duration of time that can extend to two months.
But regardless of the duration of interruption, many of the precautions are the same.
And they can help us understand more about the frequency, intensity and duration of storms.
These herpetological mummies remain in their cocoons for the duration of the dry season.
The level and duration of withdrawals would be set by the government and would be the same as under today's unemployment system.
The recession velocity of an emitting object cannot be imparted to its light waves for the duration of transit.
The information will be based on the destination and duration of stay.
Please explain how you could miscalculate amount of underwear needed for a trip of known duration.
Basically anything that is plugged in or charged is off-limits for the duration.
It also provides insurance for the duration of the rental and a replacement car if there is an accident.
It doesn't mat ter whether you judge by extremes, or averages, or by the duration of cold.
The connections at each end create a channel reserved for the duration of a call.
The health effects caused by radiation exposure depend on its level, type and duration.
Pre-set whole-body and full-body workouts don't specify rest time or expected duration.
He is to prevent gangsters from sabotaging the operation for the duration of a price war.
He did not specify where or when the attacks took place, their duration or the amount of money demanded.
The siesta and mortality in the elderly: effect of rest without sleep and daytime sleep duration.
Adding in the board game expansion packs, of which there are many, increases the complexity and duration considerably.
It seems that the amount of pre-medical-school training required, and the duration of medical studies, vary widely by country.
If the duration of funding has not changed much, its source has.
The ability is limited, but recharges fairly quickly, and more collectible power-ups will allow you to extend its duration.
The duration of the test would need to track burning of and consumption of calories on days with no work out at all also.
We'll be there for the entire duration this year, representing.
The global housing boom has been unusual in its strength, duration and ubiquity.
In either case, the size and duration of mismatches can be influenced by government policy.
The duration of these episodes is as unpredictable as their arrival.
The duration of the pain did not seem to make much difference.
She had several living with her for the duration of the fire.
The increase showed up in both the duration of the storms and their peak wind speeds.
These are admittedly of widely varying duration and quality.
But for the duration we've been keeping in touch a few times a week, by phone or email, and when term is over it's usually daily.
Neither party expected for the war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained.
Whether to announce an engagement that must be of long duration is not a matter of etiquette but of personal preference.
The vast amount of vacant lands, the value of which daily augments, forms an additional resource of great extent and duration.
Sad to say, however, this first ecstasy was but of short duration.
Every plot has its proper duration as well as its appropriate place.
Its obligations throng the unexplored pathway of advancement, and will be limitless as duration.
In order to slightly extend that duration in the case of a few-Times.
Higher than the question of our duration is the question of our deserving.
The duration of a formal visit should be in the neighborhood of twenty minutes.
There are supreme moments in which intensity and not duration is the all-important element.
It occurs to him that the day before, while on duty, they were discussing the duration of their time of service.
He will remain there, unable to watch any birds at all, for the entire duration of the trip.
Monsoons are normal, but the duration and intensity was bizarre.
These cruises range in duration from two to nine days.
Keep your hands visible for the duration of the meal and keep your elbows off the table.
Wisp offers daytime riding for the duration of the season.
For the survivors, the prospect is still one of long-drawn-out uncertainty-about both the depth of the downturn and its duration.
The authors are right: debt cycles do appear to be somewhat rare and about a half-century in duration.
But that role is impaired by the short duration of benefits and their skimpy level.
Peering so deep into the universe requires extremely long-duration exposures, even on sensitive spaceborne telescopes.
As mentioned, unlike bullets, the laser will require some duration of localized contact to produce necessary heat damage.
But this is more of a phenomenon-whose duration can't be predicted-than a trend.
It took him nearly the duration of the flight to consume half his bagel: he had a lot to say.
Some who foresaw the implosion underestimated its power and duration.
Subscribers have access to the complete archive through the digital edition for the duration of their current subscription.
Traditionally, the singers stand still for the duration.
Their relationship was short, reportedly anywhere from three to six months in duration.
Scuba divers at those depths for this duration would suffer decompression sickness.
Home work is growing not only by population but also by duration.
Considering people as beings with duration in both time and space, no they are not.
We have accordingly revised the post and removed a chart on unemployment duration.
Despite the varied opposition, the idea of a manmade outlet has plodded along for the duration of the flood.
The duration of those unemployed also continues to be troubling.
The researchers note that this elevation may be temporary and that further research is needed to quantify its duration.
They also looked at the impact of mental health help on the rate and duration of employment and on family finances.
What's important to intellectual-property owners is simple: duration, duration, duration.
Your service provider records the duration of your call and the number dialed.
The surgeon sets the cutting depth and speed by adjusting pulse strength and duration.
Researchers' next goal is to lengthen the duration of the sonic amplification.
Another set of devices monitored the same parameters every minute for the entire duration.
Spaceflight-particularly long-duration spaceflight-is about gambling: computing odds and taking risks.
They don't fade- they don't seem to have any duration.
Scientists point out that the duration of a day can change depending on different geological events.
They provide jobs for the duration of the project then they go bye-bye.
Not to mention that studying humans and long duration flights is important.
The duration of short-term memory in the order of seconds.
We need food and water and air for the entire duration of the mission.
Now, let's all get back to watching these types of movies and turning off our critical minds for the duration of the movie.
Currently, a live feed of the launch pad shows the rocket primed to go, but announces a launch delay of unknown duration.
Not two of my colds have run the same course or had the same duration.
Here are anti-Soviet spies whose story is in some ways even more astonishing and of longer duration.
There are no limits, based on principle, to incapacitation's duration.
Unlike music you don't have to respect its timing, accepting an experience of a fixed duration.
These symptoms appeared to have been caused by the methods and duration of interrogation.
Or a further postponement of his trial, lasting for the duration of his presidency, might be arranged.
Some of this is the result of its shortsightedness about every aspect of the war, beginning with its nature and duration.
It was the duration that proved to be the first inflammatory point.
Ludicrously, the agency puts no limit on the amount of toxins or duration of releases.
But it's important to remember that wars' costs last far longer than wars' duration.

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