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Peterman clothes are pretty durable and long-lasting.
The outlines of a durable agreement have long been clear.
Made of durable plastic, this lamp provides long lasting, brilliant light and features the team logo and colors.
The fabric is more durable in the usual trouble spots.
Durable goods spending, inventory corrections, and government spending.
Yet they are durable and flexible enough to perform any brushing chore.
The market is growing because the interfaces are easy-to-use, durable and inexpensive.
It was smaller, consumed less energy and was much more durable.
The extraordinarily durable proteins in the world's longest-lived rodent may contain a vital piece of the puzzle of aging.
What is needed is a medium that is compact, durable and immune to the fashions of information technology.
Reuse burlap coffee bean bags as durable lunch bags.
The challenge would be to make the structure both affordable to produce and durable enough to be used daily for years.
Durable furnishings and well-organized tools and materials are key to a small but efficient workspace.
Replacing moving parts with silicon should make computers more durable.
Orders for durable goods and a private payroll report were surprisingly good.
Add to that incredibly durable photochromic lenses that adapt to any lighting condition, and you have shades for every occasion.
Natural rubber is neither durable enough nor versatile enough for many modern applications.
Durable molded-plastic case protects your investment.
The leaders pledged not to withdraw stimulus measures until a durable recovery is in place.
They are important to geologists because they are incredibly durable.
Steel rollers and piano hinges make the design durable and easy to use, but there's no price posted yet.
More durable plastic bags still will be permitted for sale by markets and shops.
He could have been messing around and it so happens humans are not to durable.
Polypropylene is a durable plastic used in the production of packaging materials, lawn furniture and automobiles.
The push for a durable variant is far from complete.
All this folds into a convenient, durable map perfect for either vacation or business travel.
One of the best durable advantages is a good consumer brand.
The plastic versions are cheaper but much less durable.
The tighter the weave-and the smaller and tighter together the knots-the more durable and higher quality the carpet.
Leather sidewalls and outsoles are durable enough to wear at a campsite, but soft enough for indoor wear.
The ruling makes it harder for small-party candidates to build durable alliances.
The road to a durable peace and rising prosperity is still blocked.
Durable covers stand up to outdoor use, with integrated quick-reference flaps that double as place-markers.
Through numerous country studies, the author concludes that all durable regimes had essential coercive characteristics in common.
Homes built with energy efficiency in mind should include roofing material that is durable, low maintenance, and reflective.
Simple to make and surprisingly durable, painted canvas used as a floor mat adds graphic punch to a room.
We needed a level, durable patio that would blend with the surrounding garden.
To make the surface durable, apply matte varnish according to the manufacturer's instructions with a foam roller.
They are strong and durable, able to withstand vehicular traffic.
As formal tablecloths vanish, the tabletop needs to be attractive and durable.
Being more durable than alternative materials, products made from polypropylene don't need to be replaced as often.
To sheer duty is added confidence, inspiration, the expectation of limitless and durable achievement.
Silence,-the applause of real and durable impressions.
We see then how far the monuments of wit and learning are more durable than the monuments of power or of the hands.
All improvements to make more durable, lightweight and stronger structures.
Whatever the future of social networking, the lessons you learn from producing a blog will be durable, and applicable.
They are said to be more durable than iron shoes, and are more easily and snugly fitted to the horse's hoof.
Fruitcake is the only food durable enough to become a family heirloom.
Bamboo flooring is durable and exhibits a hardness similar to hardwood flooring materials, such as oak.
Though durable enough to last through many centuries, the structures are often coated with new layers during maintenance.
Polished concrete floors are attractive, durable, easy to clean and eco-friendly.
Cheap, durable, efficient devices are needed to generate a significant amount of electricity from the sun.
They are also highly durable and they are already starting to pop up in some high stress environments.
Let's make sure the pudding is also affordable, reliable and durable.
If this feature proves to be durable, it will be fascinating to watch as researchers develop theories.
But brands and reputation, if managed properly, can also prove remarkably durable.
It is also stuffed full of durable companies that have survived hyperinflation and two world wars.
But relief workers reckon that simple plastic tarpaulins, suspended on poles, are a more durable option.
When people move, they tend to buy durable goods such as furniture, fridges and carpets.
The perfect luggage bag protects your contents, is easy to carry and is durable enough to survive hundreds of trips.
Choose lightweight clothing items in durable fabrics and avoid pieces that restrict movement or are easily stained.
Howe was as ruthless as he was cunning, as powerful as he was skilled, and as durable as he was dedicated.
The lightweight, durable, weather resistant construction ensures years of enjoyment.
T his month a film opens that is small and durable and rare, a tiny cinematic jewel.
The candles come in durable tin containers that won't break, so they're safe to bring outside.
They were a marvel of super-durable, mostly-mechanical engineering.
But so far such a printing process is slow, expensive, and not as durable as dyeing.
Twenty or thirty years ago, brand loyalty was more durable.
It was a life with a lot of dailiness, a lot of durable and true feeling.
It is lightweight and easy to handle, yet exceptionally strong and durable.
And that brings us to the problem of crackers and other durable breadstuffs for canapés.
It would not be technologically transparent and probably not durable.
Computer simulations suggest that planetary rings are not durable.
Its limits help illuminate the fact that hypotheses are only as durable as the evidence that supports them.
He pointed out that phosphate compounds are incredibly durable in water, but arsenate compounds fall apart quickly.
They are also generally safer to produce and administer, more durable and can be scaled more easily.
For example, with fire you can purify pine pitch to make it more durable as a glue.
Tires used for off-world adventures have to be durable.
Behind facts lie myths, not airy ones but myths so durable they seem facts too.
What is odd is that his stories and essays should turn out to be equally durable.
They are perturbingly durable, marbelized in the strain.
It is nowhere so durable as artistic or intellectual beauty.
With longer life spans, an aging population and the increasing demand for prosthetics, the hunt is on for more durable faux bones.
The threads are faster to read and more durable than the bar codes and radio chips now used for identification.
Aerogels are commonly used to shield electronic equipment in satellites because they are both durable and extremely light.
New printing methods make it possible to create complex, durable parts for airplanes.
Yet anthrax remains a concern because in the form of spores it is so durable.
The seemingly frail balloon proved remarkably durable.
Autos would be built to be durable, safe, and easily maintained.
The paradox is that only through bigger thinking about how vouchers might help can a durable coalition emerge.
The same could be said for the small drop in durable goods orders.
There's no way to spin the decline in durable goods orders, however.
They produce something transcendent and durable and beautiful.
The exterior of this rice cooker and warmer is clean and durable clear-coated stainless steel which makes it unique in design.
Encouraging news on home sales and durable-goods orders do not a recovery make.
His use of humor as a means of subversion proved remarkably effective and durable.

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