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By the time you've collected a hundred or so, you can use the rate of duplication to estimate the total number of cards.
To better understand this range and avoid duplication of earlier contests, check out the archive of previous contests.
Biologically, all future organization has grown out of it, by a process of duplication and interrelationship.
Wasteful duplication and proliferation of lines could easily result if there were no public regulation.
Since everyone of them is designed in their workrooms, you will find no duplication here.
Experimental physics requires independent corroboration and duplication.
It means infinite duplication without loss of quality.
Shorter telomeres actually leads to duplication errors and epigenetic irregularities.
Prior studies have come up with different duplication rates.
How much is packaged hype, duplication, artificial obsolescence.
Webmaster, please forgive my duplication mis-statement.
Gene duplication has been demonstrated as a means of increasing complexity in a genotype.
Consequently, the duplication grows into a proliferation of successive mirror-images.
Efforts to reduce duplication have failed, sometimes with even more programs being formed.
If all that was done was a check for exact sentence duplication, then there would be no real subject for an article.
For example, a low completer program review is occurring while at the same time a duplication of program review is being done.
They are keen to avoid duplication between robots and their human handlers.
They might even merge with other municipalities to eliminate duplication of services.
There is also duplication of facilities between them.
The duplication of official bodies has, however, caused occasional problems in negotiations with operating companies.
But they have had the unintended effect of creating a two-tier system, full of duplication and contradictions.
The idea is to minimise duplication and maximise the efficiency of the voter registration and education effort.
In favour of a messy financial regulatory structure, with duplication and overlap.
There was duplication and even triplication of corporate structures, creating unnecessary complications.
The act of duplication was so labour-intensive and imperfect that it was tolerated.
Graduate education prevents a lot of duplication and introduces methodology early.
Not having to attempt a duplication of reality liberates a good animator's imagination.
Expanding that, and eliminating duplication, is a move toward merging the two companies into a single automaker.
The power change was established to help streamline the process and eliminate the duplication of efforts by two city boards.
We are likely to see the debate intensify, with critics calling for elimination of unnecessary duplication.
Both of the proteins evolved a lot after the duplication.
For example, it turns out that the antenna of insects arose through a duplication of a two-legged body segment.
And you have more gross genomic features such as gene duplication or deletion.
New genes have also appeared in the genome, either through transfer from other microbes or by gene duplication.

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