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The first dupe of the accomplished hypocrite is always himself.
The confident, mellow guys think it is fun when you dupe him.
The characters only move when the human dupe isn't looking.
Many of those bills were amateur efforts run off on color copiers that might dupe only a gullible souvenir shop.
Newer strains dupe human immune systems and foil conventional vaccines.
At one point, the two dupe visitors into buying bogus cocaine.
It rushes desperately to establish that she is really the good-hearted dupe of her unscrupulous bosses.
She also said they might dupe unsuspecting buyers into thinking they are purchasing an original.
The alternative version paints her as a dupe-someone whose well-meaning efforts have only poured fuel on the fire.
They may be able to dupe some people, but they're shooting blanks when when it comes to scientists.
They turn a soulmate into a dupe, a friend into a jailer, conjugal pleasure into conjugal duty.
In fact, an ambitious dupe had made the purchase in hopes of currying the queen's favor.
First, phishers seem to be using lesser-known brands more often than widely-known brands to dupe consumers.

Famous quotes containing the word dupe

By all those, who are not much acquainted with him, he was considered infinitely below his level; he put no price upon h... more
In friendship, as well as in love, the mind is often the dupe of the heart.... more
A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.... more
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