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The narrative shifts constantly between the perspectives of the travelling duo.
Pecorino's fame has garnered the duo some unusual privileges.
The duo of smartphones were used to test and investigate how humans and robots can coexist in space more efficiently.
Genetic variation and natural selection are evolution's powerful duo.
Alas, it is not clear whether the duo will actually compete.
They led the duo to binge on securities backed by shoddily underwritten loans.
To that end, the duo want to get their hands on the physical goods as soon as they're ready.
Suddenly, no one had any idea what the dynamic duo had in mind.
Of course, whatever outfit is chosen to take this on will have to wrestle with the universe's daunting duo-time and distance.
The rest of the crowd agreed, voting the duo's unusual offering to top honors.
The duo also worked closely with their graphic designers to make sure the images and text flowed in the right rhythm.
The surprise prompted the duo to ramp up their publicity machinery, which garnered national attention.
The sizzling duo, about seven or eight times as hot as the sun, dominates its neighborhood.
The disk encircles a pair of twin suns that waltz around a more distant duo.
The cosmic duo will appear closer together in the sky than the width of your clenched fist at arms length.
The duo shares their frustration with the uncooperative weather, and their determination to try again.
Although this boosted short-term profits, it did not seem to be part of the duo's original mission.
He had long warned of the dangers posed by the highly leveraged duo.
Interesting the lots of readers' comments suggest that people have really lost patience with this duo.
In fact, they weren't the only brother-sister duo doing that move.
If both recruits were stunted in this way, they still did better as a duo.
Early in their careers, the duo spent seven years writing software that would let them nail down the wobble with accuracy.
The duo's conclusion fits with the results of some previous studies.
More complex codes could provide even more safety but the duo doesn't think this is necessary.
They began performing together as an acoustic duo, though she felt uncomfortable onstage, self-conscious about her weight.
Later, the vaudeville duo beat each other with rubber chickens and dueled with oversize boxing gloves.

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And thus they sang their mysterious duo, sang of their nameless hope, their death-in-love, their union unen... more
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