dunk in a sentence

Example sentences for dunk

There is no slam-dunk evidence that tyrannosaurs or other large predatory dinosaurs hunted in packs.
Nutritionally, they're a slam-dunk, high in fiber and protein.
And some believe that anybody a given department recommends should be a slam-dunk.
Their arguments are so pathetic, counterarguments based upon fact are a slam-dunk.
Dunk the frame into soapy water, and the bubble trapped inside takes on the same shape as the surrounding scaffolding.
How you got involved in this whole thing was with the aim to slam dunk it.
Conversely, it would probably be tough for you to dunk, let alone dunk entertainingly enough that people would pay to watch it.
And if that doesn't work, then you simply dunk it into a river.
Lasagnes of any kind are a slam dunk, a sure crowd-pleaser.
Dunk your mop or sponge in the bucket and wring it out thoroughly.
We each emerged from our dunk sputtering mud and laughing.
But even more important than the hominid bones was the slam dunk evidence for the ecological context the creature had inhabited.
Nothing kills a gadget dead faster than a dunk in the toilet or a splash of beer.
Learn about the physics behind the three pointer, why dribbling is difficult, and what goes into the perfect dunk.
Yeah, everyone says the second trilogy was a slam dunk.
Four roller coasters, a dunk tank with a troll, and a bumper car.
Griffin doesn't need a running start to go grab rebounds, nor a dribble or two to dunk from close range.
Nineteen spots to soak up some sun, dunk your toes and celebrate summer.
We don't spray down kids with water in the summer, fill dunk tanks or swimming pools.
Stephanie did reserve us the bounce house and dunk tank again.
We should try to get more teachers involved in dunk tank.
No dunk tanks, piƱatas, confetti or inflatables are allowed in mountain parks.
Even warm up your throwing arm and take your revenge on the lifeguards at the dunk tank.
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