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And the area that was once woods and culm dumps from the mines has houses on it.
If her husband goes crazy and dumps her, she's in trouble.
The company deposited radioactive tailings produced during processing in nearby garbage dumps.
Years later, those dumps were leveled as sites for housing.
Others say dogs domesticated themselves by adapting to a new niche-human refuse dumps.
Caterpillar sells some engines that run on methane from garbage dumps.
With the economy still in the dumps, sticking to a budget is key.
Our planet too dumps microscopic life forms into space.
We need biodiversity to survive, this planet has evolved without any garbage dumps.
The economy is in the dumps, unemployment is still on the rise, but no let's not focus on that.
Now we've gone from the deepest darkest dumps you could be in to regaining faith in ourselves.
BadB referred interested customers to his dumps vending web sites du m ps na m e and badb.
Construction workers traditionally switch between it and trucking, but trucking is in the dumps, too.
The crisis has raised the spirits of a party that has long been in the dumps.
Many such gadgets sit neglected in attics and rubbish dumps.
Northwest dumps magazines, and it may charge for skycaps.
There is no national tally--largely because dumps, especially closed dumps, are considered local domain.
Meanwhile, open-fill garbage dumps became feeding grounds for generations of grizzlies.
The funnel scoops up interstellar hydrogen and dumps it into a reactor as fuel.
He dumps his bread on the table so he can use the plate to show how it might work.
Thus our ancestors' garbage dumps undoubtedly joined their latrines to form the first agricultural research laboratories.
Your vibrant outlook can buoy up the spirits of companions who may be down in the dumps.
All illegal dumps on the reservation have been shut down.
Garbage is collected only once a week, with large dumps of decaying fruits and vegetables scattered among the camps.
Illegal scrap tire dumps pose serious environmental and health threats.

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