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My guess is that the best way to solve your problem is to be diligent about dumping the standing water.
The scientists did not even consider where a vast majority of contaminants originate from which is run-off and ocean dumping.
Their grad programs appear to be a dumping ground for students who would never be admitted into grad programs elsewhere.
It was later discovered two other buildings were illegally dumping into that sewage branch.
Instead, investors spent the week dumping stocks as fast as they could.
He did not object to my dumping out my book-bag onto the seat between us.
Travis decides to lighten his load by dumping the gravel.
Winter-dumping ground for the lousy commercial thrillers with foreign films trying to grab a tiny audience.
It is another case of dumping a lot of money and tech to make some people feel good.
The page describes the process for stenciling storm drains to warn people about the hazards of dumping items into storm drains.
For years, scientists have proposed supercharging algae growth by dumping tons of iron into the ocean.
But it quickly becomes a dumping ground for unappealing stubs and bits that no one uses.
Someone should have incinerated it but had only done half the job, dumping the blackened remains into the ocean.
Put word out that your dumping poisoned rhino horns on the market that you removed from living animals.
For centuries, people have used the ocean as a dumping ground for sewage and other wastes.
Dumping on the president is a popular pastime among the circles of the well-off.
How offshore garbage dumping contributes to ocean dead zones.
These gas, oil, and coal companies shouldn't be dumping anything into the water and food supplies.
New principles can stop us from dumping on minorities and the poor.
Researchers have debated for a long time whether dumping iron into the ocean could ameliorate climate change.
Nevertheless this is better than burying the stuff or dumping it at sea.
Makes sense because a smaller body means a bigger surface area to body volume and more efficient heat dumping.
Some companies are even dumping high fructose corn syrup in favor of old-fashioned sugar.
And the dumping of the body doesn't exactly make things more believable.
Of course the utilities would still be dumping water from dams, burning coal, and natural gas to charge the batteries at night.
Lets not forget secret dumping of toxic wastes could even be involved.
The pharmaceutical companies aren't dumping their products in the river.
The dumping of the toxic manufacturing byproducts is much easier there.
The camp sites have access to flush toilets, showers, laundry facilities and a dumping station.
Firms now subject both to safeguard tariffs and anti-dumping duties would instead simply face higher anti-dumping duties.
If all goes well, food will be affordable again without the subsidies, dumping and distortions of the earlier period.
However, the case for such tariffs is far more convincing than that for narrow anti-dumping tariffs.
By swiftly dumping him she has tried to limit the damage.
They have been reduced to dumping products on the local market.
The monsoon seems to be weakening, travelling less far inland and dumping its rainfall on the coasts.
They're sucking nutrients in from far and wide and dumping them under their canopies.
Not to mention fly-by-night operations dumping unsafe products for a quick profit and heading for the hills.
But in earlier times it was the dumping ground for various incorrigible or unmanageable members of society.
Dumping iron dust into the world's oceans is one such strategy.
They relied on dumping fuel to get to their nominal landing weight.
Dumping a lot of money in the system rapidly leads to diminishing returns as you start to pay for bad science.
My cell phone has become a dumping ground for these sort of videos.
Dumping someone is pretty much the opposite of tough.

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Government proposes, bureaucracy disposes. And the bureaucracy must dispose of government proposals by dumpingmore
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