dumbfounded in a sentence

Example sentences for dumbfounded

He was dumbfounded: his annual profits were never more than about $20000.
That leaves us dumbfounded.
However, I would have been dumbfounded and not asked good questions.
Other guests seemed dumbfounded by the sight of the dealers.
Instead, they left with long faces and dumbfounded looks trying to figure out what went wrong.
I'm still completely dumbfounded every single time.
All of them were dumbfounded and couldn't mutter much of a response.
The men are dumbfounded by the show's cult success.
Again, I resorted to my typical dumbfounded look.
She was dumbfounded by the placement of the washer-dryer closet in a corner of the living room.
Dumbfounded opposition leaders are denouncing the conduct of the election and calling for a new one.
We trudge around the tree, gathering the dogs, dumbfounded.
People once thrilled by the potential benefits of change are dumbfounded by its actual and obvious costs.
What she encountered left her dumbfounded: hundreds of patients talking about their problems with surgical mesh implants.
As the villagers stare, dumbfounded, seven musicians file onto the runway and give an impromptu jazz concert.
At the end of this extravaganza, the audience sits in dumbfounded silence.
Many who witnessed his heroics remain dumbfounded he survived.
It caused a square mesh type burn pattern on the children's bodies which initially left us dumbfounded as to its source.
His proposal of marriage and her refusal leave her family dumbfounded.
We are dumbfounded by some of the new arguments that arise.
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