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Example sentences for duly

Nap having been duly taken, I feel just a smidgen better.
Sarcasm duly noted there.
Most employers are duly impressed with those who have worked while in college.
Mr Williams's campaign manager duly resigned.
We will duly submit these results to a responsible peer-reviewed journal.
The editor was duly impressed and, after tracking her down, offered her a reporting job.
In the musical comedy, this forbidding aspect of her personality is duly noted.
This January 1st, the one-year repeal duly took effect.
For thee the tear be duly shed.
All, it seems, have seen the future and are duly impressed.
If so, humans and other species should consider themselves duly warned.
All these expenditures were voted on and approved by a duly elected legislature.
Duly noted, though this is hardly an original observation.
The committee was duly impressed by her dedication to work but also her evangelization of their field.
We duly reach the pit of this descent: a single file of females, linking hands and lining up to be violated in perpetual night.
In that case, they might become duly pinned and eventually engaged, and probably by then she will be forgiven.
Anyone who speaks or writes on current tendencies in financial markets should feel duly warned.
All of these details, from the decision to the times of the breaks, are duly recorded.
The same recovery happened and was duly noted in her chart.
Your deep concern for the tone of discussion has been duly noted, many times.
Expect to be duly pampered during your time at this sprawling hotel.
Or, to be precise, how all the balling was duly recognized.
The development of weapons was duly stopped and the weapons were destroyed.
The hundreds who, by some miracle, did survive were duly taken prisoner.
No one in his family was present at his arraignment, which the press duly noted.
The actors here duly shine, their characters and relationships are convincing.
Last month the casino duly shut, and the smaller gaming halls have since gone too.
For his whimsy, the voters duly deprived him of his job, after a mere ten weeks.
Argentines, who have a tendency to self-pity, duly blamed it both for doing this-and for not doing it earlier.
Duly chastened, his headmaster produced a tablecloth instead.
Politicians have duly proposed ways to rein in press groups with the power to cow those paid to watch over them.
When a police car duly arrives, the few bystanders hoping for a ride quickly vanish into the bush.
Ministers duly put compensation and governance reform at the top of their list of reform priorities.
These cases are of great importance, and must be duly taken into account when nephrectomy is contemplated.
The argument, when once the facts have been duly mastered, points the other way.
Each of those injuries, no matter how niggling, also gets duly reported and entered into the computer.

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