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Example sentences for dullness

Dogged by dullness and variable quality, they have been losing money for years.
At first glance, it might present as a monochrome horizon, a brown soup of unrelieved dullness.
Look for other tentative behaviors, or indications of sensory integration problems, dullness or hypersensitivity.
If this is really true, it makes his string of great films all the more remarkable-they should give dullness a new cachet.
The first fervor gone, a short period of dullness set in.
Dullness is their prevailing ingredient, and the whole point consists in mispronouncing a word or in a gesture.
But he must have attained his present state of dullness by persistent effort.
It recognizes that effect's inauthenticity, its lack of novelty, even its possible dullness-and it employs the effect anyway.
But she looked into my eyes and must have seen something-some slight loss of vitality, a moment's dullness of expression.
Their best running jokes concerned the dullness of their friends' dinner parties.
The movie slyly suggests that their coming rule will bring dullness to the world.
Yet there's a nineteenth-century dullness at the heart of it.
Other people claim that the dullness of opera is due to the conductors.
But for much of that time its politics has been the epitome of dullness.
His writing is never dull, but nor is it superficial, in a field where both dullness and superficiality are common.
Yet he was also capable of stupefying dullness and impenetrable complexity.
But dullness is a virtue, because technological improvement is irreversible.
On the other hand, they might feel they're ill-paid for the effort, given the dullness and social stigma of the job.
Without the contrast of allegretto and andante, piano and forte, the music would quickly sink into deadly dullness.
Extreme dullness was the feature of yesterday's stock market.
It is done in detached, drugged fashion, with deliberate pictorial dullness.
But the dullness of his professional life and his pursuit of bourgeois comfort didn't limit his imagination or cramp his style.
If infected, there may be areas of dullness or redness, or there may be air bubbles or fluid behind the eardrum.

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