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Dugout canoes are used to transport fresh goods to the market.
Six dugout canoes and the two larger pirogues were loaded with supplies and equipment.
About five thousand people came down to the waterfront to greet me, including a load of people in traditional dugout canoes.
Boats traveling the river range from dugout canoes to large freighters.
The villagers fish in dugout canoes and grow crops on the steep shoulders of the caldera.
Today's question deals with the disgusting stuff that winds up on the dugout floor every night.
And you turn and walk back to the dugout, feeling some sense of completion.
Fishermen in dugout canoes hoist rag sails to get home in time for supper.
The electricians' dugout is as large as the ordinary orchestra pit.
He rode in a golf cart through an underground tunnel from the dugout to a little section near the right-center-field bleachers.
One afternoon at the river camp three settlers appeared in a dugout canoe, drawn by the universal impulse to gawk at disaster.
The field was set up with one end zone in left field and the other by the dugout on the first base side of the field.
It was the much heavier and sturdier blunt-ended wooden dugout, made in different sizes for various tasks.
Photograph shows a slight ramp at the baseball dugout's entrance to the ball field.
Traditionally, an old-growth redwood log was split in half for dugout canoes, using an elk antler wedge and stone maul.
Any ball that hits equipment in the dugout or on the top of the concrete is a dead ball.
They had no horses and walked everywhere or paddled the river in dugout canoes.
Dugout canoes made it easier to transport goods and people quickly and safely.

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