duffle in a sentence

Example sentences for duffle

If you have a lot more stuff, you get a duffle back or trendy briefcase with a shoulder strap.
Slip an easily compressed duffle bag into your suitcase.
You'll be excited to have this cap as part of your duffle bag.
You'll be stoked to have this one waiting for you in your duffle bag.
The first one was a big duffle type backpack that held all my equipment and clothes.
If at all possible, pack a good sized, empty duffle bag.
The duffle bag was tangible material seized during the unlawful search.
He removed one of the duffle bags from the car, opened it, and found numerous heat- sealed bags of marijuana.
Ha then instructed the bank manager to open the vault and put the money from the vault in the duffle bag.
Gather the kit's items in easy-to-carry containers or duffle bags.
Because the free duffle bag is available to any member of the public who opens a checking account, you may accept the duffle bag.
Himes stole stereo equipment from two of the cars and a duffle bag from the third car.
Store them in an easy-to-carry container, such as a backpack or duffle bag.
Packing your gear in backpacks, duffle bags, and containers with handles makes transportation easier.
The officer observed a crow bar and a duffle bag next to the window.
The suspects during the burglary removed several firearms, handcart, flashlight and a duffle bag.
Store them in an easy-to-carry container such as a backpack or duffle bag.
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