duffel in a sentence

Example sentences for duffel

Hundreds of these people dumped big huge duffel bags full of cash into that head office.
So she carried it in a duffel bag in her trunk for a week, while she and her boyfriend considered what to do.
Out from duffel bags came the gear: the knee, elbow and shin pads, the padded gloves and the helmets.
He insisted that he could account for every odd tote bag, duffel and valise.
Students carrying suitcases and duffel bags began leaving the campus this afternoon.
The room is as sealed as a box and his duffel bag an invisible threat in a corner.
Duffel, an online tool and mobile app, allows users to gather all their trip planning research in one user-friendly space.
Tuck-away shoulder straps make this duffel into a backpack on the fly.
He travels with a green duffel bag stuffed with nonfiction books about military campaigns and political affairs.
Pack an extra duffel bag and a few sheets of bubble wrap for souvenirs.
Avoid using duffel bags or bags that are awkward to carry.
Get a backpack or duffel bag and limit yourself to it.
Police sources said the two rogue cops had boarded the boat before the raid and made off with several duffel bags of cocaine.
If you really must carry a duffel bag, switch shoulders early and often.
He dropped a duffel bag to the ground, and walked towards the detectives.
Moments later the subject removed a sawed-off shotgun from the duffel bag and fired two rounds into the air.
His first job was as a sewing machine operator, in which he repaired and made boat covers and duffel bags.
Appellant granted that consent, and two duffel bags containing marijuana were found.
During this search a small amount of narcotics was discovered along with a duffel bag containing a large sum of money.
Officers found the vehicle abandoned there, still running with the driver's door open and a duffel bag on the ground.
Frequent visitors to the site store their clothing in duffel bags in various duplex closets.
One duffel bag contained two zip-lock bags of marijuana, each weighing approximately one pound.
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