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Example sentences for dues

Instead of paying membership dues, intimates spring for drinks or dinners.
Dues to a chamber of commerce if membership helps you do your job.
Renew your bar membership or pay your bar dues online.
There are people who say you couldn't possibly get to an interesting musical experience without paying your dues.
They don't want to put in their dues, won't work extra hours, won't show up early to clean out their work vehicles.
With many many more hours of research you will have paid your dues and gained more understanding.
But the law went much further in an obvious attempt to weaken unions by making it harder for them to collect dues and organize.
Unions collect dues for the expressed purpose of pushing the legal discourse towards workers' interests.
They must now join the club of the industrial countries and pay their dues, including aid to the poorer countries.
They had to pay monthly dues and share their windfall profits.
One gets a bad reputation if one is derelict with one's club dues.
Finally, determine whether to require board members to pay dues.
The library remains a dues-paying member of the organization and wanted to fully participate in the lending program.
All yakuza members, including bosses, must pay monthly dues to their syndicate.
Right to work laws say unions must represent all eligible employees, whether they pay dues or not.
RV camping clubs charge yearly dues to cover the costs of newsletters and events.
To start a giving circle, simply call a meeting, agree on a mission and set dues.
They know a certain percentage might think that three members referred will pay their monthly dues for that month.
He raised interest rates, removed customs dues and liberated petrol prices, which promptly doubled.
The amount of dues collected from employees represented by unions is subject to federal and state laws and court rulings.
Negotiated agreements between labor and management usually contain provisions on dues withholding.
The purposes and activities of a club, not its name, will determine whether or not you can deduct the dues.
Application fee and first and last month's dues are payable upon completion of the application.

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