duct tape in a sentence

Example sentences for duct tape

Provide duct tape to secure the plant to the base of the box and seal the box closed.
Tear off a piece of duct tape and wrap it around the ends.
They are surely preferable to the sight of officials using towels and duct tape to plug leaks.
Duct tape seals plastic beach toys, torn tents, backpacks and sleeping bags.
Matt uses duct tape to shut the mouth and shield the eyes.
To continue he had to fashion a head stabilizer from a mattress and duct tape.
These fixes take much more than your average piece of duct tape.
But she borrowed a roll of duct tape, for emergency foot maintenance, and carried on gamely.
Couple it with duct tape and a hammer and you're pretty much ready for whatever the world will throw at you.
And yet sometimes the solution is plain old creative thinking and duct tape.
There was a single bed, a nightstand with a radio wrapped in duct tape, a washbasin.
He pulls the duct tape off their mouth to make them sing.
Duct tape binds the computer's cracked case, and plastic welding compound keeps the display from falling off.
One student follows along in a paperback that is held together with duct tape.
Some planned makeshift aboveground sanctuaries made of plastic sheeting and duct tape.
Duct tape was tested as part of a study on chemical protective clothing materials.
Securely tape any cracks or gaps and all joints in the ductwork with duct tape before you install insulation.
If you use tape, some recommend using acrylic tape instead of duct tape.
Unlisted duct tape is permitted only on ducts entirely within the conditioned space of a building.
For small areas, the polyethylene sheeting can be affixed to floors and ceilings with duct tape.
Place the paint brush or duct tape in a zip lock bag and secure.
Once collapsed, twist the bag to form a neck and wrap it tight with duct tape.
Duct tape and first aid supplies can sometimes disappear when all employees know where the shelter kit is stored.
There is no need to seal off your entire home or office with duct tape and plastic sheeting.
Temporarily seal the filter in place with metal-back duct tape.
Cover zipper bag closure with strapping or duct tape after sealing zipper.
Includes directions for making things out of duct tape.
If using a coffee can, seal with heavy duty duct tape.
Reflective aluminum suits work but may limit movement, and veils and duct tape are needed.
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