duckling in a sentence

Example sentences for duckling

But invasive species aren't always an ugly duckling and emotions can run high against efforts to remove them.
The ugly duckling becomes a swan and exacts her revenge in this complex drama.
Go with a steak or choose one of the specialties, including roast duckling and scallops.
He was the ugly duckling where he came from, and he's worshipped here.
It must have been extremely difficult to be the ugly duckling in a family of swans.
Inside those walls she would forever remain the ugly duckling of her early teens.
Indeed, it's the ugly duckling who has turned into a swan.
And then she can choose which drake will father her duckling.
If you find a duckling or gosling alone, search for a nearby parent and try to safely reunite them.
Mallard duckling growth and survival in relation to aquatic invertebrates.
Predators also were strongly implicated in duckling mortality.
Mallard brood movements, wetland use, and duckling survival during and following a prairie drought.
High nest success of mallards near harriers and owls would likely offset potential duckling losses, however.
Ugly-duckling avatars, meanwhile, stayed five and a half feet away from strangers and were more tight-lipped.
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