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On the other hand, she also talked about wanting to avoid becoming a lame-duck governor.
NO one thinks twice about buying chicken in parts, but few places will sell you duck legs or breasts separately.
The duck leaves, but the bartender is shocked when the duck walks back into the bar a short time later.
Cut duck into slices and serve atop the manioc layers with salad.
If the wetlands need to be preserved, let duck unlimited do it.
For fancier tastes, there's spice-crusted filet mignon and maple-glazed duck.
At the same time, he did not want to duck the human question but to show that he knew fully what his theory implied.
People hurry into shops or duck into the underground.
Fortunately, my ability to simultaneously duck and run is never tested.
They have both done so much for us that gets constantly ignored every time someone wants to duck personal responsibility.
Included in the display are hand carved duck and goose decoys carved by local carvers.
Put duck legs skin side down in a skillet large enough to accommodate all ingredients comfortably.
If you're at an up-or-out school, then you want tenure so you aren't fired immediately with a lame duck year.
At age nine, he was given a vaccine incubated in a duck egg.
Bald eagles, osprey, a panoply of duck species and other water birds make frequent appearances.
Remove giblets and neck from duck cavity and discard or reserve for another use.
Since then debates have taken place in every presidential election, and woe betide anyone who tried to duck them.
The meat is excellent, a cross between duck and beef.
Welcome to the habitat of the duck, and the domain of the duck hunter.
If somebody walked into my office now, they'd get a wooden duck straight between the eyes.
Warning, you may want to wrap duck tape around your head first.
Cut the duck into two legs with thighs attached, two breasts and wings.
Lame duck president, deeply riven board, ridiculous faculty senate.
Think about how they might interact with dog fur or duck feathers.
The minute you believe your own hypothesis, you are a dead duck as a scientist.
Experiment involving a plastic duck and a frozen swimming pool.
But once those foes duck into houses, they become a whole lot harder to spot.
Trim the fat from under the skin around the duck legs.
When a farm duck was taken at night, or a swimmer disappeared, a crocodile or alligator would usually be blamed.
Duck into the gift shop, which stocks those must-have rubber tomahawks.
The first major surprise about this team is that their mascot is actually a dog, not a duck.
For private phone calls, the workers duck into the bedrooms.
Heck, if you want to be sly, duck into the confessional and discuss it in private out of view.
It was made with duck, and the crust had a cute little duck cut-out on top.
Some meats are indeed cooked medium-rare, including pork and duck.
We quickly duck into the seats, find the hidden ignition key, and start it up.
Fibers were something clothes were made of, and webs were for spiders and duck's feet.
We are so closely related that duck viruses can live in us.
Animal-lovers will not be satisfied by research that teaches farmers how to produce an enlarged duck liver that is less diseased.
Boring, lame duck, sleeping giant-he has heard them all.
This, combined with his slumping popularity, has led some to describe him as a lame duck.
Such a weapon would be an artillery shell or torpedo device which were all the rage in the old days of duck and cover.
He attempted to get rid of it, and that duck doesn't swim.
He is almost invisible, preferring to duck or even let his students, friends and colleagues talk on his behalf.
Your dignity gets a bit ruffled, but the storm blows over and people know that you don't duck and hide.
And she creates sushi with local ingredients such as smoked duck and pickled okra.
It now appeared somewhat spotted and injured by the duck shot.
Another day it's a duck: feathers are everywhere, and the tracks are webbed.
The duck's roasted bones are simmered into an exquisite milky broth.
Depending on the dish you're making, you can use anything from vegetable or olive oil to duck or pork fat.
Critics say the new decoys, which are motorized and remote-controlled, take the sport out of duck-hunting.
The duck-billed dinosaurs have been giving up their secrets lately.
Some came from long-deceased members of living species including the emu, an owl and a duck.
If an owl swoops over them when they're on the open plain, they can duck into the tube and back to safety.
Let this rich, golden duck take center stage at your holiday dinner.
We want duck that is rich, roasted and moist, with honey-brown skin done to a crisp.
It marked the second consecutive year of duck increase.
Well, he's sort of a duck, if ducks had arms and legs and wore vests.
Knowing a mallard from a merganser has another side: gourmets prefer a corn-fed mallard to the fish duck.

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