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With undergraduates, I have more success being a (sometimes false) advocate of a text that they find dubious.
Parents have turned instead to dubious, and often risky, alternative therapies.
While they're nice little machines in general, I have remained dubious at what they can offer for the price.
When online travel agencies started rolling out smartphone apps, I was dubious.
His memoir is a blend of compelling war narrative and dubious soapboxing.
And they can sometimes dispense dubious advice that students might be better off ignoring.
The evolutionary advantages mentioned here seem dubious to me.
There are moments that seem dubious, but they never impede the fast-paced plot.
The study being done is of dubious value.
They're decided by a tiny number of wholly unrepresentative people with dubious to nonexistent credentials.
But upon second thoughts the success of the plan seemed rather dubious.
We know, moreover, from the complete record of his unpublished scientific notes that he was personally dubious about evolution.
Older artisans were even more dubious about her shellfish and sardine motifs.
One needs neither to be especially good at arithmetic nor paranoid to realize that they're dubious.
Here are some conditions for which overseas clinics offer dubious solutions.
One dubious line of work involved mind-altering drugs that could be slipped into enemy agents' drinks.
It's no surprise that a number of the companies tarred by allegations of dubious accounting share the same auditors.
The note puzzled him, and he found the messenger dubious.
The war of occupation-dubious in origin, incompetent in execution, opaque but ominous in ultimate consequences-continues.
The second argument is even more dubious, namely that the tax will crimp lending.
Given the commissions' erratic track record, the argument strikes many legal observers as dubious.
But to make an outright claim that acupuncture is what healed you is dubious at best without supporting facts and research.
It exists mainly in the human mind and is manufactured from two sources careless data acquisition and dubious data processing.
Every other news report on this data emphasized that even the researchers who made the observations are dubious of the results.
After such a dubious start, the company grew to become one of the world's largest cruise operators.
For writing-being a writer-always seems to the writer to be of dubious value.
The resort project seemed to rest in large part on that dubious proposition.
The basic shakedown mechanism is, he declares racism based on dubious statistics.
Surely this article breaches the spirit of this dubious piece of legality if not the actual technical terms as such.
Most attention focused on dubious claims by autocrats that democracy was not among them.
The quality of economic statistics is often dubious in developing countries, for example.
It is expensive and can be of dubious scientific value, since different species often react differently to the same procedure.
Animal testing is expensive and can be of dubious value, and scientists would prefer cheaper and more reliable alternatives.
Second, not only is propaganda morally dubious, but it is almost always aesthetically repugnant.
Thanks to some dubious accounting, a large number of such schemes have not been funded properly.
It is equally nonsensical to see saving as an intrinsically virtuous activity and borrowing as an essentially dubious one.
Dubious businessmen enjoy positions of influence in the ruling party.
The book's narrow view of history leads the author to some dubious conclusions.
Animal studies can sometimes be of dubious scientific value, since different species react differently to the same procedure.
He applies the same insouciance to other dubious choices.
The modern age does not have that dubious luxury, so must build on what already exists.
Listed companies continue to do dubious business with related parties.
So several have sought dubious powers to meet the public's unreasonable expectations.
Educating users not to double-click on dubious attachments is a simple but effective counter-measure against viruses.
Two prime ministers were removed by the courts on dubious grounds.
Logical but dubious derivations follow: emotional maturity is synonymous with emotional restraint.
Moviegoers tended to watch the often dubious results with one eye closed and a slightly queasy feeling in their stomachs.
The business plan led to a second misstep, because it included a dubious opt-out clause.
Completely disavowed everything preceding it as questionable and dubious.
For one thing, psychiatric drugs are known to be dubious.
Science doesn't support the existence of miracles, and they sure don't seem to be happening now, so it's dubious.
Both were optimists who believed in progress but were dubious about grand schemes that claimed to know all the answers.
Dubious science has been rewarded--and later debunked.
And lots of the newbie businesses being funded by accelerators seem to have dubious prospects.

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