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That's what makes him so edifying and infuriating to read: he sees duality everywhere.
The pursuit reveals the duality of the modern college.
Its duality instantly establishes the play's underlying dynamic between authority and anarchy.
There is a wave type duality between distance and time.
But that duality of spirit is the nature of homesteading.
Examples of this duality of purpose begin at the exterior.
In the past, both the sense of ambiguity and the theme of duality common to his work have been highly noticeable.
The duality as well as harmony presented in this painting is spectacular.
Such behavior leads to the quantum behavior of vacuum and particle-wave duality.
But what's really happening is the struggle of duality.
In some ways, the particle-wave duality is similar to body-soul duality.
But an electron cannot ignore the wave-particle duality.
Its two-part structure reflects the theme of duality which runs throughout the film both structurally and visually.
It's a one party system shrouded with the illusion of controversy and duality.
Zurbaran painted with an acute sense of a duality between the world of flesh and blood and the world of the spirit.
Right beneath the surface of the nomenclature lies the unreconciled duality of the competing functions.
The effect of the insertion of the sins is to illustrate the duality of the pleasure garden.
There was a duality in her nature, as marked as the break in the body of a rock.
The whole action of the story hangs on dissimulation and duality.
There was a duality in his nature that seemed to be irreconcilable.
All that duality does not lend itself to a smooth narrative or an emotional crescendo.
Time cloaking is possible because of a kind of duality between space and time in electromagnetic theory.
It must resolve the duality of space and matter and it must explain how motion is possible in the model that it proposes.
His spirituality came through in a more poetic way on the page than in his didactic push for non-duality.
The organism's effort to behave simultaneously as a spark and as a saint projects it into duality.
In theory, these duality particles can side-step dimensions.
Using particle duality, consider the electromagnetic particle created by a neuron.
We must have the duality of weapons expense and science engineering to remain a world leader for progress in all aspects.
Its existence is posited by the mind-body duality camp.
Part one of this two-tape set concentrates on a time of duality for the church.
For instance, the fact that there is that duality that all human beings have, that nobody's essentially all bad or all good.
The bottom two critical-net drawings compare the duality of graphite and hexagonal diamond.

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