dryland farming in a sentence

Example sentences for dryland farming

One day, there will be new fuels, improvements in dryland farming and increases in the efficiency with which water is used.
In some cases, producers may convert from irrigated to dryland farming or retire land from production.
Dryland farming and grazing is also noted as major agricultural businesses.
Terrace maintenance is critical in any dryland farming operation.
Cattle ranching predominates north with some dryland farming for alfalfa and winter wheat.
It is a major weed in dryland farming systems, especially spring wheat, and has developed resistance to some herbicides.
The family was primarily involved in dryland farming, and historical farming implements are on display.
The family was primarily involved in dryland farming of wheat and occasionally barley.
But colored plants resist pests and drought better, so they are more adaptable to dryland farming.
Dryland farming utilizes water harvesting techniques to catch and direct runoff to crops.
Adjacent land uses include dryland farming, cattle grazing, and power-producing windmills.
Irrigation is practiced in some of the valleys and dryland farming in others.
The dryland farming of grains and vineyards include the use of a variety of chemical herbicides, pesticides and nutrients.
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