dry fly in a sentence

Example sentences for dry fly

There wasn't a dry fly made that he could not tie with a hackle from one of his own roosters.
Fly ash is present due to occasional transfer of fly ash during periods of maintenance on the dry fly ash collection system.
The required balance of plant consists of systems to convey dry fly ash to and from the separator.
For faster fishing, use a dry fly on the surface in the late evening hours when fish are rising.
The hex hatch has started in earnest in the region and now is the time to enjoy some of the best dry fly fishing of the year.
Browns are notorious surface feeders and should provide excellent dry fly action well into the summer months.
Because of the size and clarity of the water, dry fly is almost always your best choice.
The mountain streams are higher than usual for this time of year and provide excellent conditions for dry fly fishing.
The delayed harvest streams are good for dry fly fishing.
The dry fly ash material is typically transferred to final disposal silos by a pneumatic conveying system.
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