dry cleaner in a sentence

Example sentences for dry cleaner

When they select a dry cleaner, after location, how much they are charged for a shirt is a top consideration.
Teachers shouldn't need to be concerned about frivolous lawsuits, nor dry cleaner owners either.
He was doing more business than any dry cleaner maybe in the country.
She had drawn up a shopping list and made a note to get gas and pick up clothes at the dry cleaner.
Lightly wrap the folded suit in sheets of dry cleaner plastic, if it's available.
The hotel has a convenience store, coin-operated laundry and a dry cleaner.
Use dry cleaner bags because the plastic reduces friction that can cause wrinkles.
Or bag them and send them to the dry cleaner if they're delicate.
For example, you debit card to your dry cleaner and overdraft your account.
He ought even to have sold it in the window of his dry cleaner.
Every time you pick up an item from the dry cleaner, you bring home plastic dry cleaning bags and wire hangers.
Contact your local dry cleaner equipment and supply facility for additional information on availability.
The fact that a label recommends dry cleaning does not insulate the dry cleaner from liability.
The commercial operations are the corner neighborhood dry cleaner.
The dry cleaner pays the customer, not because he felt he was responsible, but to retain the business.
Ground water contamination at the site was caused by historical practices at a dry cleaner in the city.
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