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Example sentences for drunkenness

He was arrested and charged with retail theft and public drunkenness.
But winemakers aren't bent on causing rampant drunkenness.
Drunkenness, in fact, was a real problem that winter.
Whether your drunkenness is seen as premature celebration or defensive insulation, you're past this roadblock for now.
Plus the kids will have matured and will be far readier to chose learning over frequent drunkenness.
That's what alcohol- ethyl alcohol- does in the phenomenon termed drunkenness.
It includes one scene of drunkenness and some stylish suicide attempts.
Now, amongst the rest, drunkenness seems to me to be a gross and brutish vice.
Most festivals have a strict policy regarding drugs and public drunkenness.
For the poor, drunkenness is particularly dangerous.
And he thinks more flexible hours could actually reduce street drunkenness.
On the other, drunkenness as the joyful and violent falling of masks, as the form and the state of a less constrained sociability.
Listeners consistently overestimated the drunkenness of mildly intoxicated subjects.
In doing so, everyone had a miserable time because of his drunkenness.
You've been there: the one-night mistake you can only chalk up to absolute drunkenness.
Forgoing water for rice wine could presage a drought, along with a possible surge in public drunkenness.
They were fined for drunkenness, sentenced to three months in prison and ordered to be deported upon release.
Their world is a desert of greed, sloth, and drunkenness.
Drunkenness and/or abandonment figure in a large number of them.
Public drunkenness shall cease to be a criminal offense.
Revises the elements of the crime of public drunkenness.
State and/or local liquor law violations except drunkenness and driving under the influence.
State and/or local liquor law violations, except drunkenness and driving under the influence.

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