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Many of the symptoms of hypothermia resemble those of a drunken stupor: sleepiness, clumsiness, confusion and even slurred speech.
They regularly guzzle the equivalent of about nine drinks a night-though they don't display what we'd consider drunken behavior.
From tipsy tree shrews to drunken monkeys, the primate lineage crawls with critters getting high off the hooch.
Drunken fights and petty theft occurred alongside the anger over poverty and police brutality.
The money spent on college building that are damaged and befouled by drunken students is not is built into every college's budget.
It's difficult to maintain any moral superiority when your drunken revels are out there for public consumption.
Fiscally, spending is what sailors do on drunken sprees.
He is recovering from a drunken debauch which ended with his being bound up in telephone wire.
The shot keeps getting interrupted by the drunken owner of one of the roosters.
Tells how they once spent a drunken afternoon shooting an oak bookshelf in the writer's apartment with a shotgun.
Not a drunken programmer who drove a program off a bridge.
Horse steak was advertised on the wall, a jukebox played, the other customers occasionally erupted into drunken shouting.
Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with laughing at drunken idiots.
Imagine a drunken worker piecing together that beautiful parquet floor.
Not a hold-up, not a robbery, not even a drunken fight.
Typically, he adopts the pose of a drunken millionaire who has green to burn.
The combination of drunken volunteers will be unique and will give you the number of the alcoholic bottle.
Especially the incident in which they were part of a drunken group that smashed a restaurant window and escaped without charges.
In fact the court proceedings are showing that the pair were the victims of their drunken chauffeur.
They are only enlivened by technical hitches and the occasional political rant by a drunken winner.
Before the truck was paid off, the buyer was arrested for drunken driving.
It was busy, but not noisy, with a merry atmosphere but not a drunken one.
Poe's stints at various journals usually ended badly, due to his drunken binges.
These are not the typical rowdy drunken gamblers and their wenches revelling in the tavern.
He loathes lobbies with loud discos and drunken guests.
He said first-time felony drunken drivers who, under guidelines, should receive a year in jail are also getting big breaks.
Don't turn up the television to block out the sounds of the drunken argument next door.
Most use a fuel cell to detect alcohol similar to the way breath-testing devices collect evidence in drunken driving arrests.
There's also information on traffic accidents, drunken driving arrests and traffic citations.
Relating to: drunken driving and creating a penalty.
Federal grants help prevent drunken driving, drugs and other crimes.
Damage to the cerebellum leaves the sufferer with a gait that appears drunken and is difficult to control.

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