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Example sentences for drunkard

Kinda in the same category as being rough on the homeless guy or street drunkard.
Giving alcohol to a drunkard is not going to help stop them from drinking.
It grows on him, for he is intellectual, and he becomes a drunkard.
Lush workers study a slobbering drunkard the same way.
They abandoned him because he was rather seen as a weak drunkard than as a leading strongman.
From the fool and the drunkard you may learn the truth.
Besides, he's such an infernal character-he's a gambler-he's a drunkard-he's a profligate in every way.
Anyone who has been proven to be a habitual drunkard or who is addicted to the use of narcotics.
He is pictured as a drunkard who takes bribes to pardon ex-Confederates.

Famous quotes containing the word drunkard

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The glutton castaway, the drunkard in the desert, the lecher in prison, they are the happy ones. To hunger,... more
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