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For those below the level of dean, or for faculty members who want to stay home, each detail may be another drumbeat of boredom.
The anti-infringement drumbeat is pounding ever more loudly.
The song begins with rudimentary stuff: three simple piano chords played over a synthetic drumbeat.
But there is a little more of a drumbeat now, and even the commentators remind you of it while you're watching.
Amid the cacophony a faint but steady drumbeat grows louder.
The drumbeat of crisis around the world sounded elsewhere as well.
Yet all this has been accompanied by a steady drumbeat of optimism about the continent, and confidence in its prospects.
These innovations may sound small-bore amid the drumbeat of war.
Yet the drumbeat of dire fiscal warnings has grown vastly louder.
Conversations with family and friends echo the same drumbeat.
There is a western media drumbeat that threatens a dearth of foreign investment.
However, all this comes amid a drumbeat of reports about scams on the network.
He started this drumbeat before the shooter's name had even been made public.
But you'd never know that from the continued drumbeat about how markets reflect economies.
The drumbeat of idling engines at stoplights is starting to be replaced by dead silence.
All week, the drumbeat has sounded for auto dealers.
Mixed in there was a drumbeat of thinking too small and alternatively, thinking too big.

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