drum brake in a sentence

Example sentences for drum brake

In your question, you have mixed up parts of a disk brake system with parts of a drum brake system.
Pads are part of the a disk brake, and the drum is part of a drum brake.
These accidents occurred on counterweighted hoisting systems when the mechanical drum brake failed while the cage was empty.
Drum brake linings shall be securely attached to brake shoes.
The truck park brake was an air released spring applied drum brake in the driveline of the truck.
Also, the exposed friction surfaces are more sensitive to contamination and moisture than are drum brake surfaces.
The service brake system consisted of a cam-operated, air-applied, expanding shoe type drum brake at each wheel.
The park brake system consisted of a manually applied drum brake on the driveline.
The parking brake was a manually applied shoe drum brake on the output side of the transmission.
The park brake was a shoe drum brake mounted on the output shaft of the transmission.
Manufacturer of friction materials for automotive brake disc pads and drum brake segments.
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