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IN the old wars drum of hoofs and the beat of shod feet.
It also had a drum sound that would beat each time the total population increased by some amount.
Then the drum-beat of anticipation ended in a clash of publicity's cymbals.
They will continue to beat this drum, have no doubt.
If their team is off to a fast start, the drum beat is loud.
One individual would get on top of the drum with help from his partner.
Watch dancers perform traditional dances to the rhythms of northern- and southern-style drum groups.
Lots of folks were calling for the revolution, beating the drum of an economic expansion spurred by green innovation.
So he has spent much of his tenure traveling to drum up political support for polio eradication.
It consists of a thin layer of photoconductive material that is applied to a flexible belt or drum.
And they keep banging that drum because it gets them airtime, whether they're right or not.
Plena ensembles sometimes added a conga drum and a single maraca as well as a trumpet, clarinet or accordion.
Woodpeckers also drum to attract mates and to announce the boundaries of their territories.
Contact with this container would stop a clock, indicating the exact time, and start recording ground motion onto a drum.
Layer a drum track underneath using the smart drum feature.
Kids and grandparents alike loved tapping a drum to trigger different lighting effects.
Looking over current attempts by businesses to drum up consumer enthusiasm for new product lines, one senses a certain exhaustion.
It said it would drum up supply and crack down on hoarders and speculators.
The inner drum, containing the clothes and the beads, has a small slot in it.
The lawyers make nothing, but use the service to drum up custom.
He used to work as a drum-beater at funerals, but then he was injured, and now he has trouble walking.
Allied is not alone in trying to shed bagpipes and tartan in favour of drum machines and spandex.
Other colleges, though, are trying to drum up excitement by offering perks that would have been unheard of a generation ago.
But many are banging a drum on one side or the other of the heated debate within the software industry.
Their job there was to drum up donations and deliver them to the needy, making themselves gainful employers there.
Now, it may seem this news is less than surprising, as software companies have been beating this drum loudly for years.
The central mechanism, a stepped drum that turned a counting wheel, was used in calculators for more than two centuries.
Consistently driving drum beats emphasize the power and might of the saintly main figure.
We can say that with a satisfying kick-drum thump of certainty.
Ice water is injected in the centre of the cooling drum for optimal cooling transmission to the egg.
There are bands and drum circles that play throughout the day.
The problem is worsened when domestic elites demonize a rival nation to drum up support for national-security policy.
They then prematurely announced a slew of tour dates, including on the mainland, presumably to drum up publicity.
There was no concerted effort to drum certain words into the kids.
Will is one talk-show participant who does not drum subtlety and complexity out of public issues.
When it rains, the hairs swell up, and it gets tight as a drum.
Only the marchers behind him aren't drum majorettes or wartime veterans or firefighters or police.
If you have an old washer drum, you can easily transform it into a glowing side table.
Nobody will know it is made from an old washer drum.
These phrases are a familiar part of family life, as parents try to drum a sense of self-control into their children.
Instead of biting, hitting and butting, they scratch and drum the leaves with their jaws instead.
So is a vibrating drum skin, or the light inside a laser cavity, or sound inside an organ pipe.
Its cheaper to get a new printer than keep the old one given low cost of printer and high cost of the useable drum and toner.
It is impossible to get that sound before the drum is created.
And many great toys are accidents or improvisations, a serenade by kids whose first drum set is a wooden spoon and a tin pot.
The clips used to attach the drumsticks to the side of the drum can snap off and pose a choking hazard to children.
Also, the chunky yellow bullhead and silvery freshwater drum.
The red drum is an important resource to local anglers.

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