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Example sentences for droves

Riders soon arrived in droves, and the line proved to be a crucial link in the economic development of the region.
And audiences aren't turning out in the droves movie studio honchos were hoping to see.
Nowadays, even if these people have not been laid off, the great people are going to be leaving in droves.
And artists around the globe are signing on in droves.
Jellyfish are the pests of the sea, coming out in droves every summer to turn a day at the beach into a world of pain.
Research output is unimpressive, teaching techniques are old-fashioned and students drop out in droves.
But that would require more skilled foreigners to move to a country whose own engineers and doctors have fled in droves.
Investors are already returning in droves but it is not yet clear who is empowered to oversee the contracts.
And it can be rather painful so the endorphins should be out in droves.
If the applications are there, so the argument goes, users will follow in droves.
In less than a dozen years, a country long known for exporting its people welcomed immigrants in droves.
Despite initial scepticism, farmers eventually bought them in droves.
But smart cards and readers have become cheap and consumers now possess mobile phones in droves.
Nearby eateries, by contrast, have shut down in droves.
In droves, parents sent the column to their children.
Once a do-not-call list was created, people did register, in droves.
Corporations in droves have been exploiting low interest rates by borrowing.
His movies were made and marketed solely for his fans, and they responded in droves.
The rule changes come as even investment houses that once championed the practice are abandoning the business in droves.
Unwitting investors then purchase the stock in droves, creating high demand and pumping up the price.
Unsuspecting investors then purchase the stock in droves, pumping up the price.
The fishing community came out in droves and was not disappointed with what they walked away with in their coolers.
Farmers came by droves in wagons containing their wares as well as their families.
The lack of role models in the discipline is another reason minority students do not flock to philosophy departments in droves.
Investors purchase the stock in droves, creating high demand and pumping up the price.
Peasant farmers left in droves for better pay and more opportunities in the new oil economy of the coastal cities.
Large droves were commonly rounded up in autumn and slowly driven long distances to market, feeding on mast as they went.
People moved in droves to newly urbanizing communities beyond cities, leaving behind central cities and rural areas.
Soon the newly hatched larva emerged, wingless, and began moving in droves so vast viewing them made some witnesses motion sick.

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