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Publishing practices drove up costs for an even larger group of students.
The event that drove him away from the business came one day when he was giving a lunch lecture at a local primary-care clinic.
He drove all the way out to the convention center and waded into the madding crowd.
Faculty resistance drove the company to pull out of discussions.
And when the playhouse folded up and drove off, a screen mounted on the side of the trailer replayed the show for all to see.
Far from indigent, he dressed well, drove fast cars and within a few months was breaking course records.
People rode horses, but they also drove pick-up trucks.
We drove around a parking lot, then took a deep breath and into the plunge.
We drove without stopping, slumped low in our seats, wary of being recognized as foreigners.
She'd taught him how to recognize crocodiles and gather food before he drove her from the island.
Within a few decades, whaling drove the humpback, blue and fin whales to the brink of extinction.
Dismissing the driver she took the reins in her own hands and drove off at top speed through the streets.
And thus he made fools of them, and drove them so long round about the treasure-chamber that they were weary and went away.
Ord attacked the troops that had crossed the bridge and drove them back in a panic.
The street was small and what is called quiet, but it drove a thriving trade on the week-days.
Having given him this warning, she mounted her chariot drawn by swans, and drove away through the air.
In another moment he had stepped into the carriage, and it drove off.
Mightily he drove his spear at the king of the mice.
The intuition and empathy this required drove our brain development.
Presumably, you drove there to procure the various necessities that support your life and well being.
As he turned his face toward the steward, the later drove his weapon home into the base of his skull.
Weaker growth in prescription drug spending largely drove the overall decline.
Yet what drove this urge to live in groups is a mystery.
Spark plugs ignited the mixture in mini explosions that drove the pistons.
We drove through it under the eye of a video surveillance camera.
Deep and abiding distrust of politicians drove reform efforts in two contrasting directions.
They issued their commands with megaphones and drove heavy trucks into the center of town to collect the weapons.
We drove to a run-down hotel on the city outskirts for hair and makeup.
The uncertainty that it caused drove investors to seek super-safe securities.
His recapitulation of presidential candidate debates often drove the national coverage.
The reforms that drove her school's success are now up in the air, however.
His crew drew a circle around it, eighty feet across, and drove stakes into the ground dividing the view into ten sections.
They drove up home prices up by double-digit annual percentages in some regions.
It was late in the evening before his anxiety drove him out to look for them among the neighbors.
Paradoxically, corporate goals of courtesy and efficiency are what drove it there.
Some films wowed us, while some drove us out of the theaters.
Maybe it's a revolt against the cars our parents drove.
Migrants who fled oppressive governments, for example, can hardly be expected to bankroll the regimes that drove them away.
Its delivery vans, which were rarely full, drove huge distances.
The downside to this is that more fuel is used when the car needs to pick up the people it drove to work and drive them back.
As the tsunami approached, people drove to the car park there to watch-in terrified awe, but in presumed safety.
They drove older children into the river, where they drowned.
The end of the cold war led to civil conflicts that drove people out of their homelands.
The combination of poor harvests and low grain prices drove thousands of farmers off the land.
He finished that chore and drove the full milk cans over to a neighbor who was still in the business and had a cooling tank.
One hypothesis is social communication primarily drove the evolution of color change.
And it was coal, or rather a different way of mining it, that finally drove the people away.
The adults, meanwhile, drove no differently with a friend watching.
We drove all the way to the channel mouth and still no quelea.
But before they could lower themselves, the storm drove them off the crest to safety.
We drove for about three hours this morning and arrived in a dusty little town.
Sometimes entertainment actually drove selection of news stories.
Soon, as planned, a few trucks drove past the innocuous electronic spies.
Except for professionally driven commercial vehicles, the majority of consumers drove similarly sized cars.
Not a drunken programmer who drove a program off a bridge.
Many customers in many market segments drove innovation as much as they procured it.
The rancher left him a truck, and one night he drove the snowy road to town.
He drove by the school, slowed, parked on the street.
Making them lighter required years of experimentation and a significant investment in technology, and it drove up the price.
He got into the police car that was parked on the uptown side of it, and drove away.
Early one morning, his father kissed them all goodbye, and drove off.
We drove over the edge of the mine and slowly made our way down to the bottom.
In the morning, they drove home and climbed into bed.
But only a few boarded, and the buses drove away nearly empty.
As they drove to the museum, the writer was able to generate a mental simulacrum of its smell.
Meyer, before starting his novel, worked as a derivatives trader and drove an ambulance.
Off he drove through the town where he'd lived his whole life.
We drove in and two helicopters were landed taking prisoners off.
Within hours, the ship was trying to make its way into a gale that drove rain horizontally across the decks.
First the goblins out competed the ogres and drove them into extinction.
Whatever drove its hip expansion, a big head wasn't it.
The same chemical drove off three different species of ants, including the widespread pharaohs.
The babies' body clocks drove this cycle of blindness.
We turned the car around and drove to our neighbor's house.
He drove himself harder and harder, relying more and more on exhortation and example, in order to accomplish less and less.
Later, two detectives in an unmarked police car drove me through the neighborhood.
The global savings glut is what drove interest rates down to historically low levels.
The deaths of two of his children and the difficulty of finding work drove him into despair and fits of rage.
If it was want of money that drove him, that want had been satisfied.
He drove a bus during the day and ran moonshine at night.
Personal ambition drove him to put the entire cause of a burgeoning nation at risk.
He drove around in a squad car, responded to emergencies, and broke up a fair number of brawls.
The lift truck operator drove out of the warehouse door and veered to the right side of the top loader to reach the container.
The victims drove themselves to a local hospital for treatment.

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