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Australia is struggling to cope with the consequences of a devastating drought.
Being surrounded by rivers is no guarantee against drought.
When a drought occurs, plants don't produce seeds and kangaroo rats run out of food and don't reproduce.
Ever since the 1960's, this region has struggled with drought alerts and emergencies.
Rain forests help generate rainfall in drought-prone countries elsewhere.
About once every seven years, droughts occur.
Then, the drought subsided and smaller-beaked finches dominated again.
The evidence is mounting that warming and drought are changing ecosystems .
The drought comes at a difficult moment.
Scattered, drought-stressed trees grow in the saline soil.
The water authority pays homeowners to replace water-gulping lawns with rocks and drought-tolerant plants.
The world's drought-prone semi-tropical belts are expanding both to the north and to the south.
Some firms may have set up corporate research centers to remedy the drought of new ideas.
There had been a drought for five years, and the sidewalks were lined with sickly trees.
It was a drought-dry summer, and in the suspension of rain everything seemed to flex.
He also found that the epidemics didn't happen during the drought.
Climate experts have long warned that global warming could bring an increase in extreme weather, such as hurricanes and drought.
Weather patterns could shift, bringing drought to once fertile areas and heavy rains to fragile deserts that cannot handle them.
Moreover, unlike recycled water, imports are not always available during a drought.
So, previously arable land will be rendered useless by drought, or by contamination with seawater.
But the river dries up after a drought and his devotees start looking to him to intercede with the gods.
But when there's drought, the range can be permanently damaged.
Green roofs generally use low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants.
As the planet warms, look for more floods where it's already wet and deeper drought where water is scarce.
But now a drought threatens the ancient wetlands' recovery.
Where there was flooding there is drought, where winter weather was abnormally mild, it turns abnormally harsh.
Global warming is increasing the incidence of drought, which dries up water holes.
In drought-stricken areas, too, frogs were playing the role of rescuer.
In deserts, they sleep through heat and drought in a similar process called aestivation.
In drought years, junipers survive by limiting growth to a few branches, letting the others die.
But drought remains evident: the river is muddy and nearly stagnant.
It is examining several ways of making plants more tolerant of drought.
Drought, fire, pathogenic fungi and introduced predators have put it in immediate danger of extinction.
Drought, cold and snow are the proximate causes of this season's widespread misery.
Another is that if there are no glaciers to regulate water flow, flood will alternate with drought.
Birth control is the only way to stop billions of people dying horribly from drought and water wars.
Altered weather patterns bring drought to some areas, flooding to others and a higher likelihood of water contamination to both.
We also need to find ways to grow food in arid lands during a drought.
The talk of floods, drought, etc are rather ludicrous.
We see a lot of heavier precipitation, drought increases in a lot of regions.
There seems to be a drought in production of good science.
Warmer air holds more water vapor, not less, so drought is counter-intuitive.
Drought, forest fires and loss of habitat have been blamed for the decline.
It's difficult to gauge what impact, if any, global warming may have had on the current drought and on dropping water levels.
If drought and carelessness had spread brush fires across the city, we'd see it on the evening news every night.
Baseball is entering the pennant-race season in the midst of an offensive drought.
So the trees have seen a lengthening of the summer drought even without a change in precipitation levels.
Indicators based on climatology enable people to describe drought in a consistent way across different times and places.
Large sections of the state are experiencing exceptional or extreme drought.
The data presented in this drought report are preliminary.
In times of drought, your best option is to conserve water resources.
Drought prediction is more successful in some regions than others.

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