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It is the heart-wrenching visage of dropped opportunity.
The charges were later dropped when the video showed that the police version of events was false.
For decades it waited for a bomb that never dropped.
From the point of view of the sailor who dropped the rock, the rock falls straight down.
It later dropped the rainbow motif when it changed its corporate logo to a solid color, which was red first and is now white.
At times the mist was so thick visibility dropped to two or three yards.
Your client has dropped sensors in the area to try to locate the trunk.
But after the exhibition closed, he repainted the dropped strap, putting it back into its proper place.
For both, she dropped the trimmed cardoons into a generous amount of boiling water.
We were standing on a ledge that dropped about five or six feet and created huge splashes.
You've seen the game of pachinko-a small metal ball dropped into a thicket of horizontal pegs rattles its way to the bottom.
Heat the pan over medium-high heat until a small dollop of batter dropped in makes a sizzling noise.
The flowers, funnel-shaped when they open in the morning, flatten as the day progresses and are dropped the following day.
One of the providers dropped my health insurance coverage.
Watch a piece of charcoal catch fire and see what happens when a cube of gelatin is dropped on a flat surface.
We dropped dollops of ricotta cheese on the dough, and scattered the mushroom mixture on top.
Meanwhile, the pirates' treasures dropped to the ocean bottom.
Several months later, after scientists worldwide protested the move, it looked as if the charges would be dropped.
If the jar felt an earthquake's tremor, even a faint one, a ball dropped from a dragon into a toad's mouth.
When faced with the rare snail whose shell formation is counterclockwise, many snakes failed to feed or dropped their prey.
Already, one runner who planned to carry the torch dropped out because of safety concerns, officials said.
Over time, violence in the outlying areas of the cities dropped sharply and land values rose.
The air would become more humid as the temperature dropped.
The officers dropped him off at a local hospital but did not secure medical attention for him there.
Though he had dropped out of university, he had already been quick in paying off his father's unpaid taxes.
Exports dropped across all big traded goods and all parts of the world.
Several fast-food chains and consumer-goods firms have ostentatiously dropped it from their recipes.
In it, my salary component from the med school was dropped in half.
The amount issued by financial companies has dropped as well, but less dramatically.
As soon as he took his clothes off, all the other athletes dropped out because they all knew they couldn't beat this guy.
It is only daytime temperatures that seem to have dropped.
After a pilot project that included more video-surveillance and outdoor lighting, crime has dropped.
After being shot at twice, but apparently unhit, the croc dropped the arm.
The quote was a good opener, but it was quickly dropped without a thorough examination.
Estimates of output have slumped and currencies have dropped as capital inflows have dried up.
At the center of the lake, he dropped the gold into the water.
Instead, when nearby monkeys dropped their food and ran, the one that had sounded the false alarm moved in to scoop up the bounty.
Finding the dropped thing on the floor has always been easy for me.
The reason is perfectly clear-if you're lowering that and you dropped it you are in line for a disaster.
The snakes closest to the nests receive an abundance of dead fish dropped by the birds, the scientist explained.
He dropped out of the sixth grade and later worked as a bricklayer and janitor.
Most of what archaeologists have unearthed consists of items the victors failed to notice, or dropped as they looted.
Then one of them dropped out, her hands palsied and her courage gone.
By placing the day's allowance of bread in this same box, it was lightened sufficiently to float if dropped into water.
Perhaps the hod-carrier on the ladder has dropped a brick on his head.
Weddings dropped last year for the second straight year.
He also added four rebounds, two steals and a block, and is worth a look if he was dropped in your league.
They learned less, my stress level dropped and my evaluations shot through the roof.
The professor caught the cheaters, turned them in, and they were dropped from the grad program.
The rule of thumb was that the final exam on average dropped a student between one and two letter grades.
Smashed bits of space equipment orbit along with items dropped by astronauts, including tools and the odd glove.
Confidence indicators for both businesses and consumers have dropped since the budget, spurring fears of a double-dip recession.
Church attendance has dropped sharply since the war.
Finally he stood, walked over to an aquarium, and dropped the iPod in the tank.
Brainy but easily distracted, the author barely made it through high school and dropped out of college.
Even when crime rates dropped, older urban areas still had more violent crime than other cities.
He dropped out of high school and barely made junior college.
But he quickly dropped out to apprentice under great chefs in working restaurants.
Support for the movement has dropped dramatically, according to new data.
Charges were eventually dropped against six defendants.
Two years later, a year shy of graduation, he had dropped out of school.
And always their second aim was to shell that opponent until he dropped his arms and took to ignominious flight.
The placid waters have dropped more than four meters in the last year.
At that point, rocks from the era show that atmospheric oxygen started to rise, which would suggest that methane levels dropped.
When regional fish supplies dropped, reports of bush-meat hunters on the reserves were seen to rise.
It looked as if a ten-lane highway had been dropped down the mountain's flanks, right across the city.
Apple stock has dropped slightly in the wake of the announcement.
And in the following months, the number of users who completed rehab dropped nearly in half.
It's rather odd that the ball got dropped somewhere along the way.
Prices have dropped and over the lifetime of a system the price paid is somewhat less than the cost from the utility.
In the last scene, the rectangle dropped off, revealing no ball behind it.
And then a bird flew by and dropped a baguette chunk on my head and made me drop one of the flashlights.
My opinion of the medical profession dropped from not too high to zero.
Friends and neighbors dropped by to help for an hour or two, a couple days, or a week.
But it doesn't: in countries where mortgage deductions have been eliminated, homeownership rates haven't dropped.
After a year, the hospital readmission rate for these patients dropped by more than eighty per cent, and costs plunged.
In many categories, spending has dropped only slightly, if at all.
She was in and out of school until she finally dropped.
If not, the last-place finisher is dropped and its voters' second choices are distributed among the movies still in the running.
Actually, some of them have already dropped that pretense.
The fool flew out of his chair and dropped to the floor.
They dropped an ivory projectile, which was found in the sediment.
But the bills still have support, and they are likely to be amended rather than dropped altogether.
But that level quickly dropped, and other readings have been far lower.
But experiments showed that it actually did a poor job, so platinum was dropped.
Over the past decade, the cost of sequencing has dropped dramatically.
Sometimes company's technology choices change in an instant, with a casual word dropped from the boss.
These emissions dropped gradually in the month after the quake.
The other half will be dropped after the triage stage.
The noise has dropped dramatically, the efficiency similarly has increased by moving the thrust to the fan.
He followed the teacher's advice and dropped out of school at the age of fifteen.
And as tax revenues dropped, state governments also found themselves in trouble.
The requirement of popular recognition and approval-the pledge of allegiance, as it were-was dropped as a criterion.
Both had turned up nothing and dropped the investigation.
Otherwise, natural selection would favor drab trees that dropped their leaves without such bother.
The walls were coated with their brown dung, and occasionally one dropped from the ceiling onto the piles of debris below.
Said senior citizen has been dropped more than a few times by unsuspecting but well-meaning caretakers.
Oxidants and oxidative damage to mitochondrial components dropped dramatically.
He had dropped out of school and was working in an office when the firm sent him out to post a letter one day.
The sun had set and the temperature had dropped even further.
When rates suddenly dropped, not only were those trades wiped out but so were the hedges designed to offset them.
Halfway through therapy, my white-cell count dropped so low that they had to stop for several weeks.
They seemed to respect her, and one by one they dropped away.
Apparently they believed that these missionaries were cannibals who had dropped in from the sky to consume them.
So many jobs are being added that the unemployment rate has dropped for five straight months.
But this audience had one important qualification: sometime recently, they had all dropped out of high school.
Since then, however, visitors have dropped and losses have grown for the company.
Spent seven months in jail, and then the matter was dropped.

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